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Total upsizing scam by mcdonalds i keystone heights fl. They upsize without asking. Every time. Disgusting unethical tactic Add comment

My husband ordered a coffee and a muffin from a McDonald in Alliston Ontario, and he found a sticky note with a name, cell phone and a smiley face of a female employee inviting him for a coffee sometimes. I found the note when I wanted to wash my husband shirt and I call her, asking why he is giving her phone away to customers. She said, she thought that my husband was a single guy and after I say is not appropriate for a McDonald employee to... Read more

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I went thru the drive thru tonight and my order was processed incorrectly.. I had to go back into the store 3 different times and they still didn't get my order right and the manager on duty didn't seem to care.... Add comment

My son (31), daughter-in-law (29) and myself (56) went to McDonalds at 4226 S. Noland Rd, Independence, MO., March 24, about 9:30 PM. We purchased our meals, spent about $22.00, went through the drive thru, and parked in the parking lot. About 15 minutes later this guy comes to my window and ask me if we were waiting on anything, I said know we were eating our food we had just purchased, he went back inside. About 45 minutes later the police... Read more

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Your food sucks and service is worse Add comment

I have been purchasing my breakfast burritos and coffee every morning in the San Jose area on the way to work I saw the article where McDs had a guy arrested on felony charges in Arkansas for taking a soda instead of the water. I'm tired of the corpo America bullying. I won't be back. They can take their attitude and shove it. I tried to feedback on McD's site and it wouldn't go through. They probably blocked it as honest feedback. I have... Read more

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One thing I would totally stay away from at Mcdonalds is their muffins. Every time that I had bought one of these confections I was severely disappointed. They are inexpensive. But they are also bland, rock solid, and come with pretty poor customer service. If a food is not trendy there you should probably not buy it. They are also pretty unhealthy. I tried to eat it knowing that it was a poor muffin, but it was still pretty bad. I think I... Read more

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Mc Donald's west Michigan Abe across from the Westwood mall. This is the worst McDonald's I have ever been to period!!!! The staff is lazy and have no true leadership. Ever time I go there it ends with terrible service and food. Won't go back again!!!!! Bye bye! Add comment

Mcdonalds - Grand mac
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I usually don't complain but this is excessive, I tried the Grand mac expecting a larger burger but what I got was a regular big mac patty on a larger bun, and I feel $ 8.29 is to much for what I got , no value ..doubt I will be back until prices are reasonable and the quality is up to standard.I am not sure if the preparer put the wrong patty on the larger bun but it was three more dollars for more bun , it actually would still look small on... Read more

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I will never eat there again in auburn alabama south college st. Add comment

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