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This has to be the worst McDonalds around! Something is always broke or there out of something not to mention the horrible service at night! They always mess up the order or forget something and thats even if they come to the window and take your order! The one girl could barely keep her eyes open and kept asking what i ordered over and over! I gave her a $5 dollar bill and get $7.00 back for change! This McDonalds is AWFUL! Read more

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We went to this McDonald's for a late breakfast/lunch for our daughter's birthday celebration. Ordered $38.00 of food. One hamburger came looking like someone took a *** out of it. Next hamburger had a hair in it that made my daughter very uncomfortable. They remade the sandwich and I suggested that the cook put on a hairnet - he had lots of hair about 4" long all over. Second replacement sandwich came out and about half way through my... Read more

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I find the same problem with these new cups! I have complained at four local McDonald's and they all say that their have been many people complaining. Still they hand me the SAME cups! I have had them run right down the front if me, thank goodness it wasn't hot. One day unfortunately someone is going to get burnt. Also they leak from the bottom. Have to watch where yo sit them. They do not fit right in car cup holders. Too tight and when... Read more

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Fuming with the staff up at amesbury McDonald's, to busy talking around the hot lamps then to give customers there food! Managers walking around doing nothing not talking their team to try and get them to speed up or create a system, blaming everything on the kitchen not producing food quick enough, when it was obvious they where just other members of the team messing around. Food freezing cold, items missing... One of the BBQ pulled pork wraps... Read more

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VERY RUDE FEMALE @ 4:30am.@ Hwy 114, Grapevine, TX This is the worst McDonald I know of. I called at 4:30 a.m. to make sure the dining room was open since most are closed early in the morning. Very rude female told me yes yes we are open we have always been open we never close. Why are people so rude when you're asking a question in order to visit and spend money at their frickin restaurant? I called back to complain to maybe the manager and a... Read more

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Just went to this store in swanton, ohio went inside was totaaly filthy, dirty manager refilled tea spilled on floor and left it. Floors and counters looked like they hadnt been cleaned in a week. No straws ,fries were cooked in old grease. Totaaly nasty wont go back very unsatisfied Read more

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May 15, 2016 at around 12:55 pm as I was leaving McDonald's a customer who had finished his food was just sitting there made an obscene gesture at me as I was getting into my car. He knocked at the window to get my attention and made sure I saw him. The experience was very upsetting. McDonald's should not let people continually stay after finishing there food and make sure the people are behaved. This person was trying to start a fight. I will... Read more

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Some people ask for a French fries at Mac Donalds, and do not really care how much they put in this special designed box. Other people like myself ask for a "Large Fries", clearly if someone asks for a large fries, this person cares about how much they put in. It mostly depends on how the person holds this box while filling it, and often I end up having an argument about the contents of this so called "Large fries". I would like to know "how do... Read more

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Devils Lake McDonald's is suppose to be fast food service. But when your told to wait for service for 10 minutes with know one in line and you need to be at work on time also. The place is just so dam slow.with bad service. You could swear all employees or handicap or obest to work moving on a turtle pace. Just we shut the dump down Add comment

The Bun is to big, it is not a whooper. It is a big Mac. Use the same bun but make the patty's bigger. Most "IMPORTANTLY" regardless of everything else wrong you are putting to much big mac sauce on the sandwich. Once you put that much sauce it instantly ruins the sandwich rendering it uneatable from its size and mess. One must remove the sauce just to be able to eat it. Trust me it's a mess to remove. After removing all the sauce if you still... Read more

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