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So I went today to McDonalds through the drive thru and purchased a oreo and m&m mcflurry for myself and my sister and they were less than half way full and what they charge for them is ridiculous, it looked half eaten! I spoke to a manger and she said that's how they're served, and didn't help me in any way. If you're going to give us half the size then you should sell it for half the price! I... Read more

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  • 12 hours ago
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Im very discusted that this corp. is reducing portion size of biscuits and other pety items. The only recourse we have is to just stop going there. The message will then be clear. Thanks McDs. M in Maine Add comment

Today I met up with friends for coffee and our kids played in the play place. After *** snotty service 30 mintues passed and my 3 year old child was hurt by another kid. I rushed over to the drink area covered in blood while blood was still poring from her face. I was asking anyone for help and the 3 girls stood 3 feet away behind the counter dumb found just watching as I was pulling napkins... Read more

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had a coupon for bogo fish sandwich.Later on all my joints hurt and I had and still have a problem with urination and joint pain.Close to my last *** it tasted kind of funky.I should have saved the remainder of the sandwich but didn't.Still achey and have the chills.Will go to Md tomorrow if not feeling better.Didn' report to manager but still have receipt.What do you recommend I do?Tried to add... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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McDonald's is a bad company I told them specially what to order and gave me a different sand which from what I ordered ! I ordered a #5 & they gave me 2 cheeseburgers meal , very unsatisfied i wasted my money Add comment

Slow service bad Big Mac with nothing on it literally super crowded no employees Add comment

One of the workers gives me nothing but attuide when i come in for my coffee almost every morning and its gotta end its in nyc manhattan 6 ave and 28st locating and i aint gonna stop till action is taking on this worker Add comment

We went to McDonald on Fremont Blvd , Fremont , ca . We went in lobby at 9:28 pm for coffee . Around 10 pm we and other guests were approached by McDonald employees to leave the restaurant because it was 10 pm while we are drinking coffee and other guests are eating there food . All the guests were Indians in the lobby. She purposely humiliated and made discriminatory remarks to leave the... Read more

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Everytime I go to the McDonald's near me I always end up with no patty in my burger!! Also when are the ice cream machines going to be repaired... it is almost always broken every night. Either that or lazy workers. Add comment

My local McDonalds employees do not know how to make the McCafe drinks. I get a non fat mocha everyday and 2-3 times a week I am served wrong. I stopped going to this location for over a year but this is the only one close to me. The other location messed up the mocha once out of the entire year. I shouldn't have to try a piping hot drink at the drive thru, which burns my lips every time, to make... Read more

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