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Every time I go to kelmscott mcdonalds drive thru something is always missing from my order. I pay for the missing item and always end up pparking my car and having to go inside. Its ***. I go thru the drive thru so I dont have to get out the car yet because stuff dont check to see if the whole order is in the bags I end doing what I dont want to do. Read more

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I have driven through this McDonalds since it reopened probably a dozen times and have had my order done wrong 5-6 of those times and have driven away two more times without being able to get service in the drive through. I have called 4 of the wrong order times and complained and today, after the fifth time and calling and having them be of zero help I give up. The place is a disaster and should be shut down. Srvs tv Rtvdtv D&T dt Te Bet... Read more

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  • Apr 05, 2015
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Never going to mcdonlads again Add comment

Awful service at McDonald's at 5265 w. Fond du lac Ave Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Manager had a nasty attitude and did not fix my order or apologize. When this location having a bad day you will see or feel it in your order. I gave this location the benefit of doubt so much and keep experiencing the same thing no hash Brown with my order missing two sandwiches or I did receive my cheese burgers. Simple stuff to fix right well not for me attitude... Read more

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  • Apr 05, 2015
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-Er is te weinig keus voor de snel groeiende vegetarische populatie. - Er zijn te weinig filialen die de vegetarische burger aanbied. Dit moet snel veranderen! Add comment

I seriously recommend management here being reviewed as staff are not treated at all appropriately. They don't receive enough break within thend appropriate time for example on shifts worked for 8-10 hours staff are often given a single 45 minute break after just 1 hour of work. Staff are pushed and shoved by mangers and spoken to like rubbish From both managers and customers which isn't at all fair. Staff have been known to touch their gentle... Read more

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I got A Big Mac one night for dinner, once i began to eat. The thing fell apart and it was like 4 year old kids made it. I was completely pissed. I was about to explode. I had a horrible day, family problems. And i just begun Spring Break. Perfect way to start of, like a 10 day break after a terrible time at school. I don't really like school, and i felt like i really needed some time off. And i just got done doing Easter things, dying eggs,... Read more

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Just had a bad experience at McDonald's. Had to wait 10 minutes for a sandwich and at that point my food was brought to for my children and I but no drinks. The girl was very nice and said she'd get us large shamrock shakes where we'd only ordered smells for r inconvenience -she came back with no drinks and asking me for my receipt to prove that I got the food!. They have all of that information on their computer so this was not okay, I went... Read more

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Mcdonalds - Review about Double Quarter Pounder from Seymour, Tennessee
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8 months my family and I did not go to McDonald due to poor customer service, not getting to correct order etc. Tonight I decide to give it another chance. They got my order wrong when I placed the order, okay no big deal they corrected it. They didn't give me half of my order at the window. Okay they corrected it.. Got home and in my box that shows it to be a double quarter pounder I find a single quarter pounder. So I then place the call and... Read more

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Mcdonalds - Review about Big Mac from Fresno, California
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So tonight I went to McDonald's through the drive thru in Fresno, CA on West Shield/Clinton. I purchased a #1 Big Mac meal for my 11 years old son & 1 happy meal for my 4 years old daughter. After arriving home with the foods. My son and daughter started to eat. My son was almost done with his burger decided to put the last of it in his mouth. Then he walked to me and said "ew mama! I am never eating McDonald's ever again! As I'm looking at... Read more

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