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  • Mcdonalds
  • Mar 16, 2015
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Food was cold i order a fish sandwich and a sweet ice tea it was no sugar in the ice tea the manager did not care Mac Donalds Unio train statation Chicago Add comment

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We went to McDonald located at 1140 Ushy 441, Lauderhil, FL 33313. We ordered food and sat when a gang came inside of Mcdonald. They were loudly arguing and no one from the staff said something, instead they let these guys inside with no consummation. Why? The reason is because they were inside to steal person who pays. They stole my purse and inside of my purse,among other belongings, there was my key car which was also stolen. Finally, my husband was seating inside of the McDonald to watch the car while I went to my home for a spare key, and... Read more

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  • Mar 15, 2015
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Their fish sandwich is mostly bun very little fish should call it a fish flavored bun Add comment

The reason I have gone back to this McDonald's is in sincere hope that MAYBE this will be a "good day" and they actually have a high level of good customer service. But, now I know, no matter what day or time of day, there is no passing grade of customer service at this establishment. After sitting for several minutes in line at the Drive-thru at the McDonald's in Hermitage, PA; the first several minutes behind the car in front of me and the second several minutes at the window (only told to move forward to the third window because our... Read more

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On March 11, 2015 around 5:30 pm i was denied access to the bathroom at the McDonald's on 132nd and Lenox ave i am 5 months pregnant, i was told i had to purchase something i explained to the manager who was a young man that it was an emergency and that i was pregnant i had no money at the time to buy anything he still said no it was the policy mind you i go there often and make purchase and have used the bathroom in the past without having to make a purchase. He was very nasty and because of that i will no longer be going there and will let... Read more

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  • Mar 10, 2015
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I was in MacDonald's with my kids one of the employees started spraying the table next to us I started coughing My eyes watered and this kept on the employee asked if the spray bothered me really I throw up all night and still have weakness don't spray while ppl are eating!!!!!!!!!!! Add comment

I was in McDonalds in Byram Miss. I ask for a Biscuit and egg delight no meat, first I get the sandwich there were meat drive through, I get out take it back. They give me this one, biscuit half done cold and look like this. I am so tired of McDonald, they attitude is just as nasty as they are. They always make a mistake and then don't want to fix it. You need adults working there and intelligent people. McDonalds is sad now Read more

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I won't be eating at mcdonalds anymore I live in coffs nsw area I usually take the kids there but won't be going anymore as I'm so discussed how dirty both stores are ,its use to be clean someone always going around and cleaning the tables and floors and my bugers was slapped together like someone feeding an animal .Where's quality control manager keeping an eye on all these young kids out the back making them , it's a real shame no one keeping an eye on things I'm very very disappointed until something is done I won't be going back and will... Read more

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I went to the Bolivar MO McDonalds and ordered the $2 triple cheese burger which is advertised incessantly on TV here. I didn't account for the low price meaning that I would get it RAW. I'm not a dog! I don't look like a dog! I didn't expect to get it RAW. Actually, to be honest, the meat may have seen the grill for aprox. 30 sec. - not much more. I could have asked them to cook it if I was a regular customer and knew they didn't cook their burgers. I very nearly puked in the car! Somehow I was able to hold it down but I felt pretty queezy... Read more

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I went inside McDonald's in Pine Bluff,Ark. for lunch.The manager took my order and gave me a cup to fill my drink.I had to tilt the tea dispenser to fill my cup.I told her that it was empty but she looked away and ignored me.After getting my food i tried to get ketchup from the dispenser but it to was empty.I told her of this but again she looked away and ignored me.By the way myself along with other customers were all given our food in paper sacks.The trays were all dirty and piled up on the trash can.None behind the counter.As i was eating... Read more

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