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I work in customer service too and can understand if there is a little bit of a wait when it gets busy. But after this terrible experience I had at this McDonald's location. I will never go there again and will recommend anyone to go there. This happened at 5525 Xerxes Ave N. Brooklyn Center, MN 55330. It 11 pm, as I drive up to McDonald's the parking lot is nearly deserted, only one car in the... Read more

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located at 7627 w irlo bronson memorial hwy kissimmee, fl I walked into this mcd to get a refill on a drink I had gotten 20 mins prior. I'm a harmless petite female. As I walk in a very ugly fat Hispanic female manager begins yelling at me calling me trying to force me to talk to her. I ignore her. She continues to yell at me in front of everyone verbally berating me telling me I can't get a... Read more

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This store is located at 909 E MAIN ST Alhambra CA. It only has 60% order accuracy at best! And now a new low. I order a big mac with no pickles and reg bun. They give me regular big mac! Not the first time USUALLY the grill slip is right but big mac is WRONG. It still has pickles and seeded bun. This time I go back and manager says sorry we gave you wrong big mac. WOW like I didn't know... Read more

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The Other Day, I Ordered An Angus Burger & A Strawberry Milkshake ... -__- My Experience Was Unexpected Cause I Had A Couple Of Bad Experiences But This One Stood Out To Me So Much That I Decided To Make A Complaint. Read more

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I went to the McDonald's on coursey Blvd today and was treated like garbage,the young lady who serve me got a attitude cause I ask for a cup holder then when I went in the store to gt my food,she say foul remark and then poke out her tongue to me while the manager was behind her.she left from the window and came to the counter just to say something smart to me.and they gt mad cause ther nt making... Read more

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I went to McDonalds today with my mom. She had two "Buy one large sandwich and get a second one free". She gave me one and we both placed our orders. I was able to get my both of the correct sandwiches I ordered but my mom didn't. You see my BOGO had a Double Quarter Pounder on it, which I did want. But my mom's coupon had a fish sandwich on it. When my mom handed over the coupon she had, she... Read more

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my husband and I decided to stop @ the mcdonalds restraint in Jackson California and have lunch on 11/17/2014 .there was a young employee being extremely rude to the management ,yelling in front of all the customers. cussing and swearing. I was very offended . another older gentleman came up to this very rude and disrespectful *** and asked him to stop and he did not. the management did not... Read more

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Dear mcdonalds, I have been a faithfull customer of yours for the last 10 years. Today Iwhile I was having my dinner at kalamboli McDonald's, in navi mumbai, India, I was horrified to see a mouse run around the store. I instantly informed the manager of this and he caught the animal in front of many customer's. We customers expect a minimum cleanliness from your establishment, even though... Read more

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These idiots in Taft california get my order wrong every single time without fault. today I ordered 3 spicy chickens and one regular one and they gave me all 4 regular chicken sandwiches a bunch of in competent morons Add comment

Today I bought a white chocolate hot chocolate. Well after several hours of not finishing the small sized drink I proceeded to re-heat my hot chocolate like I would do with any other company cup from Dunkin Donut, Starbucks, you name it. So I put it on 1 minute. After removing the cup it was so hot while trying to put it on the counter the hot chocolate splashed out the lid and spilled on my... Read more

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