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Mcdonalds - coffee

  • by   Jul 30, 2010
  • Review #: 191740
Company Mcdonalds
Product / Service Glasses
Location Chicago, Illinois
Category Cafes and Restaurants
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You have the best tasteing coffee in the world and I am proud to say i'm glad there is a McDonalds so near when I need them ....

Thank You Mcdonalds you are the best at all you do.you try so hard to please eery one and we do not deserve it half the time .God Bless all the workers .
You spoil us and our kids and fair prices and toy land ,
clean restrooms and always cleaning up our messes with a smile.wow I could go on...tyfor trying so hard to please us.your the best.

chappierosebud@hotmail.com 305fd7c

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Sep 16, 2010  from Chicora, Pennsylvania
I love Mickey D's. Every time my whole family goes, my wife, son, inlaws all 9 of them, brothers, and sisters, 5 of them, al their kids a total of 13, and my parents and grandparents, and my wifes grand parents, we all have a hootin good time. When we all pile in, I *** all my clothes and get naked and proceed to humping the 6 foot tall Ronald Mcdonald statue and my whole family laughs. I take a big pull on my bottle of whiskey, and I hit on the hot illegal beaner, Consuela, and I ask if she likes my hairy pecker. I ask for 10 of everything thats on the menu, and when I get my coffe, I put my wiener in it to stir the sugar. I get some of that to die for Mc Oat meal, and spread all over my hairy naked body. Once we all sit down and eat our huge grand feast, I walk around piddling with my putts and I rub my junk on all the patrons food. The customers laugh and people take pictures. I am known to do this too at the Golden Corral in my town. I shove about 5-10 chicken nuggets up by butt and I sing the big mac song while doing the dirty bird dance. Finally when its time to leave, I climb Ronald Mcdonald I sit my balls on his face. Always a great time, the Manager smiles and waves as we leave.
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Sep 16, 2010 
the mcd's around eat tenn are so great, always clean and great iced hazenut coffee. never got an order wrong :D good job you guys.
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Aug 02, 2010  from La Prairie, Quebec
"You spoil us and our kids" Yeah, they sure do. They spoil your kids health with chemicals, sugar and factory farmed meat. Way to go, mom!
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Jul 30, 2010 
What McDonald's did you visit? I want some of that coffee! If you are going to compliment a place, please be more specific. We might want to give them our business! :)
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Jul 30, 2010 
What are they putting in that coffee you are drinking? About 80% of the time (and I am being fair here) the workers at McD's aren't friendly, they get the orders wrong and their prices aren't exactly what I would call "fair". But keep on drinking the koolaid...err "coffee".
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o all this *** still doesn't explain WHO THE *** IS GRIMACE!?and why did they contact adam west and george bush?...

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