Mcdonalds - Married manager has sex w/minor step-daughter

We found out through text messages on my step-daughter's phone, that she was having sex with her married manager.He was providing her with drugs and more work hours in exchange.

My husband promptly took her to our local PD. They refused to investigate because she was at the age of consent (16) and did not have any drugs on her. My husband then went to her work and informed the General Manager. Her resolution was just to not schedule them together anymore.

My husband made his daughter quit.

I wrote a letter to the owner of the franchise, Jim Holowicki and never heard squat back from him.I guess McDonald's fosters this kind of behavior among its management and employees.

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Mar 21 Dallas, Texas

Your minor step-daughter seems to be out of control.Whos's fault is that other than your's?Know one forced her to do Drugs or ***.As a matter of fact she probably started the whole process herself.Before you place blame on anyone stop and Take a good look at yourself.She has probably been out of control well before now.You are just trying to place blame on someone else because she is well out in the open.If she does Drugs and *** at the age of 16 then making her leave this job is not going to stop her.Doing Drugs along is bad enough without having sex.What you need to do is get her help for her Drug use.She was probably on Drugs before she started working at Mcdonlds and Having sex also.The learning process starts at home.At her age she is suppose to know the differance between right and Wrong.And if she has never been taught at home to stay away from Drugs and Sex then who is to blame?It is probably something within her home life that causes her to react like she does.Sit her down and Talk to her about the matter.Listen to her very carefully and You will find out where the problem lies.

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Feb 16 Houston, Texas

Why did the 16 year old consent to sex? What did the manager's wife say? If you knew your daughter consented, why didn't you survaile the situation and catch them with drugs? How high up the police ranks did you go before you gave up? Did you contact the media?

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Feb 16 Stafford, Virginia

Have you talked to her about birth control -before this turns into a nightmare for all parties involved

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Feb 14

There is no law that says management and employees can't have a relationship. It is a free world. Like the police told your husband she is at the age of consent. Sixteen is the age of consent for girls in a lot of states. Did you and your husband ever stop and think about the embarrassment you are causing the girl by making a big case of this. I don't agree with age 16 being the age of consent, but that is the way it is. In the meantime, you can bet your bottom dollar that other people have heard about this incident, not just the ones connected with McDonald's. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the kids in the school she attends have heard about. News does travel. You can also be sure that the manager and your step daughter aren't having sex on the job. Your step daughter has to be meeting him someplace else. Maybe she has been given too much freedom when she isn't in school or at work. The fact that you made her quit working isn't going to insure that she still isn't meeting him someplace, if she really wants to. At that age, kids can be really sneaky.

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The girl sounds like a slut

Feb 17

They have every right to embarrass her until she straightens out her act. No wonder she is acting up, she does something wrong the parents do not hold her responsible. They blame others.

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