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Why is it that you,only hire retarded people!?!?! How dumb do you have to be to make a burger. I asked for a burger with no onions. What that gave me was a burger (which had a slip that specified no onions) loaded with onions and two bottom buns!! Mcdonalds, you suck a life!

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Was in mcdonalds in the states and ordered ten big macs and this old guy put my big macs in a huge microwave and it exploded after it caught fire-why all the mcdonalds laughed. This fat guy at the counter looked at all the hamburger on the counter and ate some. Some blew in my face disgusting why did this happen I really enjoyed this experience my big macs went out with a bang some burger meat was hanging from the picture frames why was this... Read more

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McDonald's on Belleville Road in Michigan has to have the world record for messing up orders. At one point, they tried to fix the issue by reading ENTIRE orders back - down to the last detail -before they collected the money. Considering how slow the drive-thru used to move, it was an added inconvenience and thank goodness they stopped. The presenters used to get an attitude when you had a dispute. They'd get smug when they couldn't handle it... Read more

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Horrible service at mcdonalds Carbondale store I waited 30 on my food and people that ordered more food than me got theirs first and they kept messing up on orders I will never *** go back to that price of *** store I'd rather go eat at fujiamas which gives me the ***

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I wouldnt be angry if an employee makes a mistake i mean evry body dose but disrespecting a costumer is not something by mistake im talking about an employee At your kaslik branch and his name is Khaled i dont know his last name but dont let it happen agian and by the way we waited like 5 minutes to order because i think half of the stuff were smoking or having a break it was on 18/9/2016 aroud 2:30 am . Read more

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I have stopped at this McDonalds for the pasted eight weeks and the last time I said we will not ever stop here again. can't get the orders right, set in line for twenty minuets and the place is not clean. on the morning of 11-13-2016 there was no one at the drive through pull up to make my order and no one would take my order. I pulled up to the first window and the computer was down. placed order and paid for it and I got no recite. pulled to... Read more

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Very nasty managers. Dirty surrounding. I actually ordered a 20 piece nugget and saw roaches crawling all around the sides of the drinks, and ice cream machine. very interesting sanitary.

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Hi I just visited a McDonald's on my way back from Rajkot in limdi where I ordered 1 mc spicy Chicken burger meal and 1 mc spicy Wrap meal. Now the Fanta which came with it had ANTS inside it I drank most of it then seen it I went to manager Suresh he just got another one and gave it to me he never had curtesy to say sorry. Well I got my refund the manager had no confidence at all then he went away and the person on counter said his duty is... Read more

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I was getting my husband some Sunday morning breakfast and I was in my pajamas and I was in a hurry there were a few cars ahead of me and behind me. I had no reason to check the bag because the person on the other end of the speaker asked me if I wanted certain things. Such as salsa with my burrito. Shorted my order through the take away window. I would say that half the time my order is shorted in some way. I'm always in a hurry and nerves... Read more

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I have just had it with this McDonalds. This visit was especially bad. They barely put any sauce on their big mac's, so I ask for a little extra. I guess it depends on the lunar cycle if they charge you for the extra sauce. This visit I was told there was no additional charge. Then, when I get to the window to pay, it had increased an extra 50 cents, .25/burger. Well, what a deal huh, because the last time it was 50 cents per burger! Ok,... Read more

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