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I ordered food and waited an hr and a half for food.. asked 5 different times because everyone was getting their food.

Was offered something for free. Finally talked to a manager and said I want a refund because of how long i had been waiting. She gave me the refund. Then asked for ice cream cones for my kids and they gave me attitude.

15 mins later I asked why I was still waiting for food. The manager said she asked for a refund. So I yelled and said I have been waiting an hr and a half. This is unacceptable so of course I should get something off..

but my children still need to eat! All of the customers were on my side. So 10 mins later I finally got my food that was wrong. And they were very rude to me.

The staff felt bad and tried what they could gave excuses that there was 6 new people working. Not my problem.

The manager Christine was very rude and not helpful! My kids were very upset and as was I.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The first time was their fault and they tried to make it right. After that is on you and you should be ashamed to put your kids through that chaos.