Chesterfield, Missouri
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I didn't realize this billion dollar company was doing so poorly. After spending 7 $ on food, those greedy sons of *** charged me another 11 cents for ranch.

What's next?? Charging a quarter for extra napkins? I know 11 cents isn't breaking my bank or anything. But the fact that this filthy rich company can't spare an extra condiment without charging its consumer is just ridiculous.

Whoever is in charge of this company really needs to reevaluate their business plan.

After being charged an extra fee, I will never eat at mcdonalds again. The food is almost as repulsive as it's greedy owners.

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You are pathetic complaining about 11 cents.


That's how it's always been. Usually sometimes they charge, sometimes they don't.

If you ask for a nugget sauce without nuggets, they are supposed to charge. It's to keep people from asking for a lot of sauces for *** they don't need.

Also, not every McDonald's is owned by a greedy corporate service.

A lot of places that charge for sauces are Owner/Operated, meaning they pay A LOT to keep that

store up and running, so charging for sauces helps with those costs.

If you're going to complain about something, try something someone cares about.


"The food is almost as repulsive as it's greedy owners." Then why are you eating there in the first place?


You are spoiled by McDonald's in America. They charge for all condiments in Europe, rarely (if at all) offer refills, and rarely give you ice.

Don't even try to ask for extra ketchup on top of burger, because many places just make the Sandwich as is our hand you a packet and charge you extra. On top of that the price is same number, but in euros. So, this American pays more for the same meal.

Appreciate what you have over there mate. Once McDonald's in America catches on to this concept, they will rake in more money.


firstly many businesses charge extra for some condiments. it depends on what you ordered.

I've ordered nuggets from McDonalds and gotten 2 sauces with them for nothing. I've also asked for a bbq sauce when I ordered fries and been charged for it and I pay because I know it's NOT a condiment that's normally given with fries.

as to complaining about the price. think of it this way if it was YOUR company and you found out say the sauces only cost $0.05 per sauce . probably less in such bulk but just bear with me as it makes the math easier.

so say 1 restaurant gives away 500 sauces a day without charging that's $25.

ok not a lot right? ok then times that by 365 that's $9,125 for one store for ONE sauce type. now take that and multiply it by the more than 33,000 stores they have youre talking $301,125,000 in lost profits from ONE sauce.

now double that if those 500 times a day someone got 2 instead of 1 youre well over 1/2 a billion dollars. so yeah it does factor in and is NOT ridiculous to assume to pay for something extra.


The employee was probably new, I mean when I go to other establishments, they usually give me free condiments, even though theres a little sign that says they charge .25 per condiment. They dont care, but again the employee must have been new, thats what the rookies do. DOn't let the action of one ruin your look on a company, you must have had bad luck.


You'll be back stuffing your face!


I've always considered it a privilege that I get napkins, lids, straws, condiments, plastic-ware, etc for free. I've never really been bothered being charged for extra stuff like toppings, condiments, or even water cups.


Somehow, I don't think McDonalds is in the business of providing free anything. If they charge extra for something, then either pay it or don't ask for it.

Simple. Stop whining abut how big McDonalds is or how rich they are, etc.

You sound like a product of American public schools---little, to no knowledge about real life. And, you probably vote, too!!!


I find it hard to believe that you only got charged 11 cents for an extra ranch. I worked in one of the fast food places back in the late 90s and we charged 50 cents for an extra dressing of any kind and if somebody wanted ranch to dip their fries in they got charged 50 cents for that too. Quit whining, it's a fact of life.