West Springfield, Massachusetts
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Stopped in to get 2 egg mcmuffins for $3.33. This "special" was advertised on BOTH a large window sign AND large menu sign.

Clerk and manager refused to sell it to me, as they claim that the "special" had expired the day before (BUT the undated signs were still up, and it was still breakfast time). They refused to understand that it was their responsibility to removed expired signs. Left disgusted and went over to Burger King.

Will be lodging a complaint with the state Dept of Consumer Protection, and will NOT eat in McDonalds until I am satisfied with a resolution. Retailers must learn that there are many choices for me to spend my money (and most are better quality).

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States #1354757

Check for egg shells also.They are bad for that!

Lakeland, Florida, United States #1192749

I'm with you there stay charged $3 for an Egg McMuffin + 350 and they said this is not a participating McDonald's so I guess I'll stop at McDonald's I'll be lodging a complaint also McDonalds sucks

Prescott, Arizona, United States #1176174

and they all want 15 bucks an hour!!!


Just happened to me. BOughtt two McMuffins got home and realized it was $7 when it was supposed to be 2 for 3:50. And the signs were everywhere that said that.


If i get to the register and the advertised sale is in the window, but at the register they "sale is over", i walk away right after they punch up the sandwich. No problem.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #942692

The same thing just happened to my daughter and I.

to Anonymous #942712

The notice about non participating restaurants is in the very small writing that gets flashed during the commercials and is on any signage or coupons telling consumers that the offer is only available at participating stores. I called a 800 number and was told that 90 percent of the stores are participating and the owners have the right to not participate.

For the 10% that don't they should be required to post in a very clear and obvious location that they do not so the consumer can know this before making and order. I am not certain if it is a crime to order food and then not pay for it, it seems to me it would be.

to iamso1 #1108070

But if they do not participate they should NOT advertise that they do. I would have left the food with them.

to Anonymous #1074733

Its the managements responsibility to remove inaccurate signage. If the sign is still up they should apologize, honor the sale and immediately remove signs.

That's how a true professional would handle that case.

I'm not suprised that they act this way after all they pay them pennies to do their jobs and care. Meanwhile McDonald's corporation makes millions in revenue.

Parrish, Florida, United States #902782

I stopped in my neighborhood Mcdonalds and ordered 2 for $3 egg Mcmuffins with egg only to be charged full menu price, and I was told that individual McDonalds restaurants don't have to honor the advertised on TV price, that it is not a nationwide sale!!! I messaged Mcdonalds corporate via email and never got a response....No more breakfasts at 'that' mcDonalds..in fact I'm skeptical about frequenting ANY Mcdonalds, expecting an advertised special price on anything now...I know I'm only 'one' little consumer but if enough people read this, maybe Mcdonalds will 'feel' the pain in sales and do something about their 'independant' non conforming restaurants!!!


Almost the same thing here. Saw the commercial, and went to my local mc5hits, only to be charged almost $3 EACH.

when I asked, "Oh, we are not participating in that promotion... so I looked for the nearest one that is participating... 250 miles away.... and I don't live in the desert, I am amid the northeast megalopolis.

So the disclaimer, "participation may vary" is a lie...

truth: Participation is non existent... but we won't tell you that.


Both McDonald's and Burger King sell carp food. Service ?

Why should they care over misleading a customer ? They don't even train to wear a smile as part of the uniform any more. McDonald's recently rated at the bottom of national chains for satisfaction with the food sold, yet they still sell bazillions of dollars worth daily (they seem to think not growing like a cancer is a disaster, just having a license to print money as a wildly profitable business isn't good enough any more). Go have 5-6 Burger King Burgers anywhere in the country...

tasty, but you';re almost certain to get a bone or cartilage bit in one of those sandwiches, a function of poorly adjusted machines in the mechanical separation of meats in trying to be as profitable as possible. I'd cheerfully pay two cents more to avoid the experience of biting down on industrial food processing waste in my sandwich. These days I eat at Smashburger where free fries can be had with every receipt / survey completed, 2.00 off with an email coupon.

BTW the coupon can be printed off as many times as you like, you can use it 3X a day if you like ! This means I can have a med drink, hefty fries and full size hamburger for 5.29 (7.29 when the 2.00 coupon isn't available.)

to Hudsonbay Parrish, Florida, United States #902792

What the heck is CARP food?? I wasn't talking about a fish sandwich...I was talking about breakfast....Dang

by the way...they have a Check Spelling feature on here...try it!!!


2 x 3.33 is 6.66.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous Markham, Ontario, Canada #830341

Yeah but I think what they are saying is you can get two for 3.33 not one for 3.33.

to Anonymous #1044687

it's 2 for 3.33, not 2x$3.33

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #703136

Anyone that gets this mad over fast food must be pushing 300 pounds. eat a muffin.

First Born Triplet
to Lolyoufat*** Markham, Ontario, Canada #830342

and counting

to Lolyoufat*** Parrish, Florida, United States #902785

ANYONE who leaves a message like that, obviously doesn't care about 'misleading' advertising and probably doesn't care about what anything costs because 'she's loaded' and rips people off in her own business!!! Jus sayin'!!

to Dan #1019791

Just saying that you should always expect advertising to be misleading, that's it's point! Jus Sayin'.

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