West Springfield, Massachusetts
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Stopped in to get 2 egg mcmuffins for $3.33. This "special" was advertised on BOTH a large window sign AND large menu sign.

Clerk and manager refused to sell it to me, as they claim that the "special" had expired the day before (BUT the undated signs were still up, and it was still breakfast time). They refused to understand that it was their responsibility to removed expired signs. Left disgusted and went over to Burger King.

Will be lodging a complaint with the state Dept of Consumer Protection, and will NOT eat in McDonalds until I am satisfied with a resolution. Retailers must learn that there are many choices for me to spend my money (and most are better quality).

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Then they have to give the advertised price and correct it.


You're right to be upset, but honestly I don't think that uncle McD would give a cracker where you eat. It takes at least a few thousand people to boycut the chain I order for McD to see a %0.0000001 drop in revenue, and maybe then they would notice.


You are what is wrong with this country. Eat a salad, ***.


Do you know how many people eat at McDonalds? I don't think they would care if you go across the street to Burger King.

Everytime I pass by a McDs there drive thru is packed and so is in the inside sometimes no matter what time of day it is.

I compare that with BK, taco bell, and Wendy's and they have less customers lol. Good luck though!


Yes they should take the sign down!! this happened a number of times at 2 different locations.

The sign says a breakfast sandwich + a drink for $3.33 is there something I am missing? They will say they offer the deal and charge you extra for the coffee? When you challenge them about the price they get all confused!

I don't get it, I tried 2 locations and one even had to get the manager to correct my bill. They apologised and said the casheer was new and just started....


retailers must learn. good luck with that. I don't think they care.


Customers SHOULD learn, but never want to apprise themselves of knowledge. When corporate McDonalds or local co-op runs a special, everyone has to follow the rules for when it starts & ends to be fair to all of the other franchise owners around them.

They could be in violation of their franchise agreement. The computer system changes those prices out and they are NOT available. Sorry they forgot to remove signs.

Have you never made a mistake? Good for you then, you are PERFECT.


She made a mistake, she obviously stole her parents car, because with her attitude clearly she is no where near the legal driving age. why I would not be surprised if she were eight years old based on her attitude.