Livingston, New Jersey
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I will never and I mean never go back to any MC Donald's so don't even try and offer me coupons for your free nasty food. I got apples slices for my daughter only thing I got for her and I got a pop just for the road because we were driving a half hour away.

My daughter has been sick as *** sence then and I seen yesterday that there apples were contaminated, thought I was getting something healthy from there for her. Thanks for making my life *** the last couple days I hope all people quit eating there **** you MC Donald's.

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You are not aware of how Mcdonalds purchases its produts all Mcds restaurants are to use Mcdonalds Venders whether they are Franchises or not. all stores get deliveries from Mcdonalds trucks so, if the apples were contaminated they were not checked when they were purchased, and all food venders get warnings as soon as they know any food is contaminated by the health dept.

The news cast may have been days later.

what this child got sick from is food poisioning from most likely the applespurchased at MCdS that lady is right Mcds delivery of food and whether the proper procedures are handled is in question, it may not be the apples were bad but the person who assembled the order and wether proper food habdling procedures were met in this tranaction. hope your daughter dosent get sucked in to a unhappy meal there.


So why is it McDonald's fault that the apples were contaminated? You more than likely purchased them before they were notified about the contamination.

It just came out on the news the last couple days about the contamination. In fact I think it was yesterday, that I heard about it.

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