Indianapolis, Indiana

I just bought a 20 piece nugget from McDonald's store #20893 9/04/2013 12:27 Indianapolis, Indiana. I waited 10 minutes for fresh nuggets only to drive two blocks home.

And only 6 nuggets were fresh the other 14 nuggets were hard so I know they had been sitting a while. Than to call back in the night manager to lie in say she saw the employee put them in the bag fresh. Poor service and lies. But over the weekend had the nerve to strike to get $15 dollars a hour.

Please $5 dollars a hour is to much.

P.S. Yours Truly ( PISSED OFF ).

Monetary Loss: $5.

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When you are old enough to work you would want more than $5 an hour. I like how you ate the food and only then noticed they were "stale" why not do more chores around the house and get your parents to give you more of an allowance so that you can afford your food instead of trying to get free food through lies.


I'm sure any fast-food restraint is like this.

The same thing happened to me at burger king. I even got food poisoning.

You ask what you pay for. 5 dollars isn't going to get you gourmet.


thank you anonymous #3 for telling us what we already food blows..... and to the original poster....might want to check your order super star, before you get atleast you can have a show with diner....and then they can have a good laugh on you as you drive away

Wentworth, South Dakota, United States #711439

Oh grow up!!! If you don't like the food you get at McDonald's prepare your own at home.

I highly doubt that some your nuggets had sat for awhile. Fast food places, are only allowed to let the prepared food sit under the heat lamps for a certain amount of time. After that time limit, the items are thrown away. As far as the employees striking for a raise, that is non of your business.

You try supporting a family for $7.25 an hour. Your complaint doesn't show a lot of intelligence.

You say "in," shouldn't it be "and" the night manager "to lie," shouldn't it be "lied?" Then you stated "in say," shouldn't it have been "and she saw?" Then you say Please $5", make it "$5.00" "a," should be "an" is "to" should be "too." Who are you to be so judgmental?

to anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #712198

The whole purpose of fast food is convenience, I'm sure if the poster had enough time to prepare their own food, they would have. People have standards (as I'm sure you do too) when it comes to their food.

They shouldn't expect gourmet standards but asking for fresh isn't asking for too much. Have you ever worked in fast food? Particularly a franchise? Sure they are time limits on food, but a lot of managers will let items slip.

Especially when it comes to rush time. They prefer to send out sub par food to clear out lines. Plus, a lot of the times they figure people won't complain because they would already be home or not want to stand back in line. I've personally worked in a franchise Taco bell and we would only make things like empanadas, potatoes for the cheesy fiesta potatoes and cinnamon twists once in the morning so the few people that ordered them later in the day they would be stale or room temperature.

All because the manager felt that it was a waste to make it more than once day. So yes, managers could lie to customers to cover their *** for telling an employee to sell cold/stale food. As far as striking for higher pay, they are required minimum wage, if that is not enough to support your family, sacrifice more to make ends meet. People these days are too entitled.

They expect too much from jobs. It is McDonalds, sure they are a big company, but they are also a business, which acts like a business, looking out for the greater population of employees than just an individual store. If they need more money, find a second job, go to school (yes it is possible to go to school; people give too many excuses not to), give up luxury items until you have saved up or caught up, or work harder to achieve more things, I'm sure the current management didn't just fall in their positions. They have made it a choice and worked to get their.

Probably starting from crew member. If this poster cares about the strike, let them. It is none of your business that they care. People will be people and I am sure there are some insignificant things you care about that people feel you shouldn't.

Who are you to be so judgmental as well. This is pissed consumer, people come here to vent frustrations. People will see this and make up their own mind. By this one post, the poster won't change the minds of thousands who chose to eat at this store.

Also, if you are going to correct someone, please make sure your comment is error free as well.

TL:DR - Shut the *** up trying to sound high and almighty by correcting someones spelling or grammar on a website meant to voice frustrations. Worry about content, make up your own mind and move the *** on.

to CJ Georgetown, Indiana, United States #719824

Your post is annoying and you sound like an *** :) have a great day chode

to anonymous #720772

This is not a term paper you A$hole. No one needs you to correct spelling and grammar.

Do you really think we follow these rules. There is no timer going off to tell us its time to throw away the old food. We do this all the time because our cheap as managers want to get their bonuses at the end of the month, so we are directed to sale the old food and if you complain we will just give you a fresh order and say oooooo I am so sorry with a smile. If you don't complain then o well, more money in our my pocket.

That is the motto around here. The managers will yell at us in front of the customer. Then when they leave. We all bust out laughing.

It was all staged and we all know this beforehand. At first its kind of shocking, but after working here for a while you start to be just like everyone else. I hate customers now. I wonder what happened to me?

I think I'm infected with customer hate or something.

I don't even try anymore. My mind be somewhere else half the time.

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