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I have tried numerous times to speak with someone in charge of the restaurant located at 201 Rudy Circle Nashville Tn. It amazes me with all the technology today and the fact that one bad review can spread like fire that the owner and representatives have been so blasé about the complaints and experience.

The same store I have been to three times in the past two weeks. I have seen employees in tight inappropriate clothes, hanging out at the counter with friends whom I suspect are off duty employees and eat, verbal fights with the crew including the manager. The orders have been messed up all three times because the employees would rather interact with each other than with the customers. I have twice had an employee stop taking orders to communicate with the madness around the with their coworkers. I have seen employees come in from the outside, touch things under the counter, grab something out of someones purse, eat and then hand food to customers at no time did they wash their hands. Technically by McDonalds standards they should have at least washed their hands when they came back from break but this person chose to ignore it.

The food is wrong, cold, hard and believe it or not tastes raw.

I have reached out three times and the first response was ok we will forward the response. I replied that I would like to speak with someone over the phone that is going to be handling the situation so I could elaborate since there is limited characters on twitter and the complaint form. No response. Then after the last visit i sent pictures and the response was that they were allowed to dress down(Sorry any other place would have fired them). It wasn't till I mentioned that I was going to contact the Board of health, let my fellow coworkers know, and post on all forums and blogs along with the social media that someone actually tried to call. This store, franchise and corporate are ignoring the problem till they get another lawsuit for making people sick

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

  • Crappy Employees
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