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I work a 12 hour shift from 6p-6a. I am nearly falling asleep and wanted coffee and McDonald's is right around the corner at 37 W 38th St, Indianapolis.

The sign on the window clearly says "24-hour Drive-Thru". I pulled up to to place my order and they very promptly told me they're closed. Wtf? "Come back in 20 minutes." I wasn't supposed to come the first time!

First of all, these people are ignorant. I understand working at McDonald's is a necessity for some people in today's economy.

I know a lot of high school kids work at McDonald's (not at 4:00am I hope), and I understand if a person hasn't had an opportunity to become educated and get a better job (there's plenty of funding for college, look into it), but if you don't like people the DON'T work in a customer service type position! Rude, ignorant, uneducated people who smack their lips over the intercom and speak hood rat should NOT be at the window costing the company money by turning away customers.

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My Mcdonald’s From the hours of 10-4, there have been countless times where I’ve had to sit in the drive through only for me to see workers hop out of a car filled with smoke and then have that “if we don’t answer, they’ll leave” mentality. Like why???


Mcdonalds don't give AF anymore about the restraint game. They have been so popular for so long they don't have to try to hook customers.

When is the

e last time they had a limited time food? Not to in a while! Their menu sucks now a days. I don't ever see them advertise new *** these days and why?

Because their the godfather of fast food. And regardless how *** their service is, no matter how limited their menu is no matter what.

They will always be successful. I hate mcdonalds


There is a McDonald's on 8th Ave in Greeley. Claims they are a 24 hour store.

However at least twice they closed early due to not having enough employees.

Plus one of the managers told my fiancée that the kids had a "family emergency". Kinda suspicious to me.


In a very rare but possible situation, what if there was an emergency with the employee working? Perhaps he or she she became ill or had to leave because of a loved one dying (in worst case scenario of course).

I came on this site to have a laugh if anyone actually took the time out of their day to complain about a fast food restaurant and then I forgot the amount of idiots in this world. Learn to appreciate what you have before you judge others, you ungrateful loser.

If something so miniscule bothered you in a world of millions of bigger problems looks like you need a reality check. Btw, no one feels bad that you worked a 12 hour shift and didn't get your coffee.


To McD Manager from EX-McD Manager. It only takes ONE EMPLOYEE to make coffee. What you should do is leave the drive-thru open, appologise for the inconvience, and offer FREE Coffee or soda..There are many options other than just closing....


As a manager at a McDonalds you have to understand that there are times we may not be able to keep the drive through open. The biggest reason would be due to being short staffed.

If we dont have enough staffing due to people not wanting to show up for work then we have to consider our options.

The drive through is a convenience for our customers, not a necessity. What would you do if there were no drive throughs, everyone has become lazy in this world and needs to stop all there complaining because something may inconvenience them.

@McD Manager

Yes, but McDonald's is short staffed because someone does not want to pay to 10 salaries that work at 3 in the morning. CEO is to blame my friends.

@McD Manager

thats poor managing..you will likely never manage anywhere else. The drive thru is a convenience sure. The open 24 hour sticker on the window MUST come down though.

@McD Manager

It don't make no dam difference about you saying...what if there were no drive throughs....principal of the matter is....there is a dam drive through and some restraunts have a sign that says...24 HOUR DRIVE THROUGH...so get off the subject about the what ifs. If it says 24 hours then it needs to be 24 hours and not 23 hours...

@McD Manager

Some of us that are in wheelchairs would disagree with you?

@McD Manager

Then open the door and I'd come in to order. If she the making tea she can make a burger


Because they must have these same issues you mentio every night, because this is an ongoing issue.


maybe they had register issues that prevented orders?

some stores stop taking orders while they restart their system for the day.

maybe they were having trouble cooking food, so either way, you'd be waiting for them to get a grill/fryer back online

why don't you learn why they said come back before you jump the gun as to why

@employee @ erie

https://www.eatthis.com/mcdonalds-hours/ Exactly. It just happened to us so I researched why. People just want something to complain about.