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Tuesday 9/18/2018. I stopped to get a meal after work around 3:25pm.

The first thing that i was ask in the drive thru window was ( are you paying with cash )it was very rude. I didnt understand why i was being asked that and i couldnt understand because the lady couldnt speak English well. Once i understood i placed my order. I THAN WAITED IN THE DRIVE THRU FOR 18 MINS.

After 10mins of waiting i wanted to just leave but there was 3 cars in front and about 4 or 5 behind me. So i googled the McDonald's and called. There was a answering machine. I left a message for the manager complaining about the drive thru.

When i got to the window, they had my order wrong. Once my order was corrected i asked to speak to the manager. I waited another 7 mins to get my food. When i paid for my meal the cashier gave me the wrong change.

When i told her about it ,she gave me a attitude as if i did something wrong. She then gave me my correct change ($5). I still wanted to talk to the manager but didnt want to hold the drive thru up.

I WILL NOT GO TO THAT MCDONALD'S AGAIN . And my big mac bread was old and hard

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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