Suwanee, Georgia
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I agree, this is the SLOWEST "fast food" place I have ever been to. Today I ordered a bacon biscuit and asked for extra bacon.

After I paid my $3.04 and got the biscuit at the drive through it only had TWO pieces of bacon on it that were under cooked. I went inside and was told they only put one piece of bacon for a regular and for $1.00 more they add one piece of bacon. I told them this was rediculous and asked for a refund. After several attempts to get it right, the "manager" Angie Moona was finally able to get me the correct amount.

Of course she did not want to give me a refund for the extr $1.00 piece of bacon. Nor did she want to face me and staid hidden in the back refusing to give me the refund.

Finally she came up front after several attempts to make the refund.

I would stay clear of this McDonalds!!!

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i agree with you..That isnt noting ..I have seen some things that no other customer as have is gross..