3937 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23321, USA
Not resolved

So yesterday 09/27/18, my family and I were waiting in-line at this mcdonald’s closest to our house.. it was 10:52 pm and they normally close at 12 am..

There was 1 car infront of us which so happened to be the last order they took.. We pulled up to the speaker waiting to order and we sat there for about 10-15 minutes without anybody coming to the speaker.. I ended up calling the mcdonald’s and whomever I spoke with told me they were closing early per management.. I then asked why nobody came to the speake to let us know they were closing earlier and she told me because they were closed..

we sat there for 10-15 mins and nobody came to the speaker to let us know they had closed early.. about 5-6 cars were behind me waiting for there order to be taken.. I then ask to speak to the manager because we were upset that we’ve waited that long without anybody coming to the speaker and she hung up on me. I tried calling back but they ignored my phone call.

This isn’t the first time that i’ve had a problem with this mcdonald’s.. it seems like every time we go, they are always rude.. id rather drive the extra 20-25 mins to the next mcdonald’s but it’s honestly not worth it. especially since i’m wasting my money for HORRIBLE service..

this is most definitely my last time ever going to this mcdonald’s in particular.. AND to be honest, it might be the last time we ever decide to spend our hard earned money at this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

McDonalds Pros: Most unprofessional.

McDonalds Cons: Manager, Argued with me.

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