Cleveland, Ohio

Hard times for Ronald McDonald.......... Old Ronald McDonald must be worried about his 401K . He is charging almost 50% of the price of a burger for any extra pickles you may desire on your hamburg. That's right it cost $.40 for an extra slice of pickle on your sandwich. Whats next extra for salt on your fries? Opps I should give them any ideas.

Good news, Burger King never charges for extra pickle, they mean it when they say "have it your way"

When I inquired about the extremely high charge they simply say it is corporates policy.

Good bye McDonalds


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You know what you want extra`s you should pay for them, how about getting a job so that you can afford the 40 cents, why do you not have a job. My guess is you dropped out of school when you were nine because according to your calculations a hamburger costs 80 cents, you are either uneducated or live in the eighties still.

Whitehall, Ohio, United States #814562

I have worked for them and find it ridiculous to charge for extra pickles. If you say no pickles they don't give you a credit :cry .


Rob I think men who refer to women old enough to work as girls are pigs. Would you like it if I called you boy.

As for Jon, before calling anyone names(like I*d*i*o*t perhaps you should know the difference between price and prince. As I said before you cannot offer what they charge for extras do without. That simple.

PS that word is censored because they expect us to reply to comments in a mature adult way. Not with childish name calling.


Simple tip, can't afford 40 cents do without the pickle.


McD's in Cross City, FL just charged me $.54 for four slices of pickle. Their cost on four pickle slices is somewhere between 1 and 5 cents. This added 21% to the cost of the double cheese burgers.

I understand needing to cover costs, I've managed several restaurants, but napkins are way more expensive and they don't charge for those. It probably costs more to flush the toilet and wash my hands, but they don't charge me to use the restroom... yet anyway.

It's completely unconscionable.

to Tim D #814759

What is unconsiderable is you not getting a job so that you can afford the extra costs, and you don`t want to pay but you want extra, either get a job so you can pay for extra's or do without. As for Rob, you have nerve referring to someone as a `girl` when they are old enough to work when you don't even know that when you post 15 cents you do not need the decimal when using the word cents. This simple concept is taught in the third grade and you have the nerve to degrade a young lady as `girl

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #606043

Nope. I'm in Ohio.

I've never heard of a McDonalds charging for pickle. However, the whole "corporate" thing kills me. Do your research. Most McDonalds are franchises - have been since the beginning.

Franchise owner pays for EVERY item that comes in the back door, including pickles. And pays a percentage of their profit to the corporation.

So they are just trying to make a living just like you. It shouldn't cost what it does for someone to cut my hair, but it does.


Maybe in Ohio they charge you for extra condiments,but McDonalds in general does NOT charge for extra pickles!! :p


burger king slightly higher lol ha try a lot higher by the way i have never been charged fo extra pickle at mcdonalds lettuce tomato and cheese yes but these condiments add signifigant pricing to burgers by the way burger kings have it your way will also charge for lettuce tomato cheese and bacon how is that my way

to christie Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #625433

I just went to Burger King in Las Vegas and ordered two whoppers with extra lettuce. I was charged .15 cents extra for each sandwich. I asked the girl what happened to "Have it your way".She said you can still have it your way but now you pay for it.

to Rob #814757

You call her a girl when you cannot type properly, when you use the word cents you don`t need to add a decimal, even little girls know that. If she is old enough to work she is not a girl. The thing is if you want extras get a job so you can afford to pay for it, if you don`t want to pay extra do without, they are not a food kitchen where they give free food to betters.


Actually, that *** was "i d i o t." Why that was censored I have no clue. However, ad hominem. You can call me what you want, but my argument is valid. In fact, you only further the argument with your claim that corporations charge what they want when we want. If boycotts had any sort of credibility whatsoever, then they would not.

And no, I'm not suggesting that a boycott would effect the price of extra pickles. It's not that I'm attacking. It's the appalling mentality that serves to justify ludicrous corporate behavior by advocating what they're doing.

This way of thinking is detrimental to our society and our power as consumers. And apparently, this is a place to be pissed off about that.

But yeah, you just keep on taking what's given to you. Obviously you're not intelligent enough to do anything else with it. What a joke.


You're an *** Kelly. A pickle doesn't qualify for an almost 50% prince increase, nor does it come even close to that proportion of the food cost.

When consumers don't stand up for themselves corporations walk over them. Take it and like it mentalities suck.

to Jon #814755

This person needs to get a job so they can afford the 40 cents, and you must also have dropped out of school at an early age because a hamburger is no where near 80 cents.


Here's a question for you.

What's $0.40 times 1 000 000? That's $40000 in extra pickles if everyone of those million people asked for extra pickles.

The cost of a burger is determined by the amount of condiments that is put on it, not some random number pulled out of a hat. That's also why they charge for extra bacon and cheese. I know that when you walkin off of the street you only see the $0.40 but McDonalds, and some of us who have never worked at a McDonalds know that looking at the big picture, all the McDonalds combined, we are looking at millions of dollars lost because you asked for a free pickle.

As for Burger King, they make up the difference in otherways. It's been awhile since i have been in a Burger King but I remember the prices being slighty higher than McDonald.

And if you like the Burger King so much, why are you in a McDonalds?

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