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Hi my husband and i went through the drive through at mcdonalds tues 2pm we spent money on food that was disgusting the frys were like rubber the burgers not nice at all we use mcdonalds a lot but r thinkin twice now about eatin ur food it was the carmarthan one no serviets were given to us either we were totaly disgusted how they could serve such vile food we will not b visitin there again and will b tellin our family an friends disgusting very... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 14, 2015
  • #665774

City of Chicago, Kedzie & Roosevelt....I'M NOT LOVIN IT!!!! Bad service, Bad food, Waste of Money! Chose to go hungry rather than eat the dirty food served to me.

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Ordered a meal plus an extra burger, missing a burger that was paid for and everything was cold plus the fries were harder than concrete. Went back and manager refused to speak with me claiming she was too busy...haha. Insisted on my money back which I got in time, had to be ok'd by the manager who earlier was to busy. Then proceeded to complain on maccas complaint site, which does not work. It continually deleted my info as I hit the submit... Read more

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  • Jul 13, 2015
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It sucks the frappe machince is always down it takes 30 mins just to get our order so we just went to sonic its alot better and faster and they get our stuff faster And mcdonalds always give order wrongs

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I went through the drive-through of my local McDonalds in Lincoln, Alabama and got a McFlurry as I do 3-4 times/week. When I got to the pickup window the girl handed me my McFlurry. It had ice cream and Oreo all over the outside of the cup and top (a lot) so I asked her if she would wipe it off for me. I said it in a friendly tone and said please. She looked at me as if I had just cussed her out and called her names, but didn't say a single... Read more

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McDonald's is slipping. Their ever growing competition is offering a better value, and better customer service to go along with it. Everybody has issues with the customer service at McDonald's. And, we all know why the customer service is so bad at McDonald's. I don't even need to mention it. You are already thinking what I am thinking. Do we even have to discuss it? McDonald's is a hostile environment. The next time that you are at a... Read more

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Two times this month I have gone to the McDonald's at the Cortlandt Town Center in Mohegan Lake, NY, and had a really bad experience. The order taker was inaudible and rude, said nothing when I got to the window to pay, and the person binging the order was just as bad. No hello, no thank you, no have a nice day, nothing! The wait time was double what it used to be, as well. I used to go to this location several times a week and always said it... Read more

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They got our order wrong and when we asked for it to ba changed she blaned us for ordering to late and when we asked why the boardes where still on breakfast if we wernt allowed to order and she said because they havnt been changes in a very smart *** way. Then continued to tell us they wernt doing anything about it before pretty much throwing the muffin in the car and walking away. Now as someone in the hospitality industry i know it isnt that... Read more

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How dare you teach my daughter the f-word??? We ate at McDonald's after soccer practice last night, and we get her her usual favorite - Happy Meal with a Cheeseburger, Apple Slices, and Chocolate Milk. It came with this new "minion" toy. Well, it said "what the f---" to my daughter. She asked what it meant. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. She screamed "what the f---" in church today. We nearly got kicked out of the service thanks to... Read more

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A mcdouble was left out of bag. Went into store and was told it was in there. Left and called store and was hung up on not once but three times. I then filed a complaint with mcdonalds corporate, who didn't offer any resolution. What is up with businesses today when they can take your money but have no responsibility to the customer.

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