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You ignore almost 10% of U.S. population. No substitute sugar syrup is available for pancakes. Oatmeal is mixed with sugar which should have a choice of ordering without sugar. I’ll pay more from now on to have healthy breakfast elsewhere like Starbucks.

Have tried to get proper seasoning at McDonalds up and down East Coast without success. Evidently the above issues are general company policy. You’re ignoring the dietary requirements of a large chunk of the population.

Les Grinspoon

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Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

Reason of review: Dietary issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I drink soda-pop like a Wino. Does that mean that I will become Diabetic?


The McHomeless are just like McDonalds. They are found all over, in small towns and big cities alike.

There's practically nowhere that you can go to get away from them. Their lifestyle appears to be silly and fun, but is actually extremely unhealthy and dangerous, just like McDonald's food is.

I read that people who live their lives chronically homeless can deduct 25 years off of their life expectancy. The McHomeless lifestlyle is silly and sleazy, just like McDonald's Food and 'Restaurants" are.


Newsflash......It's McDonald's. It's not supposed to be good for you.

McDonald's may be ignoring almost 10 percent of the population that is diabetic, but they are giving the other 91 percent exactly what they want. If you have certain health issues that need certain dietary needs, then it is you, not McDonald's responsibility to take care of those. Bring your own damn sugar-free syrup if you require it.

Besides.....sounds like you've found your own solution. Go to Starbucks.


One time when my Mama was pigging out on McDonald's food, i told her "Mama, you shouldn't be eating that, it's bad for you." and she responded "Well, for something so bad, it sure does taste good!" She was Diabetic and died young from a Heart-Attack. She used to keep a big can of Steen's Cane Syrup in the refrigerator and she would go take long swigs from it from time to time.