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I entered the McDonald's in Beaver Falls and walked directly to the restroom to use the facilities prior to placing an order. There were signs on the restroom doors indicating they were locked and to visit the front counter to gain access.

I walked back to the front counter and requested a key. Please note that I am a 65 year old female with a 65 year old bladder! The young female employee behind the counter at the time replied to my request by asking if I had placed an order to which I replied "Not yet." I was then told it was policy not to allow access to the restrooms unless an order was placed. I thanked her for the info and immediately left since I was in dire need of a bathroom.

I've since read other online reviews regarding the bathrooms at this particular McDonald's which indicate they were dirty and littered with debris and then locked without being cleaned. Your lockdown policy needs to be addressed and replaced with a more "senior friendly" one.

A new policy needs to be implemented to insure that your restroom facilities are regularly inspected and cleaned. I will no longer patronize any McDonald's and will discourage everyone I know from doing the same.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Implement a more patron (particularly senior) friendly restroom policy that includes easier access prior to purchase, as well as an inspection/cleaning policy for restrooms. .

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I don't see a problem here. While it is unfortunate that you needed to use the restroom, many places have adopted a policy where you need to order before using the facilities.

This is usually to prevent any and everyone from coming in, using the restrooms and leaving. This is their right as a business.

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