Amarillo, Texas
Not resolved

You guys really need to sale lunch at 10:30am in Amarillo and Canyon, TX. Kindergarten’s go to lunch at 11:00am.

Us moms all need time to go get the food and be at the school by 10:55am to eat lunch with all little ones. The kids are all ways asking for McDonld’s, but we have to upset them by telling them “NO”. No, because MCDONLD’S does not serve lunch until 11:00am. All of the other fast foods that kids like sale there lunch by 10:30am.

Sonic was there for me when you guys could not give me lunch by 10:40am to be on my way to the school. Thank you Sonic for a back up plane. I’m not going to McDonld’s anymore. I have learned my lesson.

Thank you if you have any questions please feel free to call me at 806-679-6713. Lindsey Kimble

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