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McDonald Incident

March 18, 2013 I stopped at the McDonalds (Store 23366) located at 3856 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716 and Purchased 2 large sweet teas and a large sprite. Upon leaving the drive thru heading to my next stop I taste the tea and it was watered down. I asked my son Brandon how his tea taste and he said it was weak in taste. I informed my son that the day before the tea was the same but today I was going to return my tea and get a fresh cup. 45 min later I pulled at McDonalds and proceeded to head towards the entrance when I heard a man’s voice saying "You cannot go back inside and refill your cup!” I immediately turned towards the voice where 2 men were standing and said "Sir this tea is weak and I am getting a refill!” I then went to the cashier explained my dilemma, opened the lid so he could see how much I had drunk and the cashier told me the tea in the corner should be better and to refill my cup.

As I walked to exit the same man started accusing me of returning a drink that was less than half full. He then proceeded to tell me that he watched me pour the tea out and he could see that I had drank nearly all the tea. I asked the cashier to show this man how much tea was in the cup he pointed to just below the full line. I informed this person that I had no intentions of ripping off McDonalds for a dollar and I had no problem paying for another drink. As my son walked in I told him to get my wallet and to bring his tea and get a refill. I then informed the cashier to ring me up for 2 drinks and now this person is saying oh know you can have the drinks and not to pay! I told him I must since you were compelled to follow me as if I was a thief.

I come to this McDonalds every day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. After serving 13 years in the military, working in 3 countries (one for my own business)I have never in my life have experience such racism, battery, stalking and cruelty in my 52 yrs and especially from a restaurant......not just any restaurant but MCDONALDS!. This person lack of judgment and customer service skills were unbelievable and embarrassing to say the least!. He was overly concerned that MCDONALDS was losing a dollar and not that a customer was dissatisfied! Then to validate his accusation by stating what he saw, how was that possible if my back was towards the register? Maybe that's why he didn't know how much was in the cup. He also went as far to say that he taste every batch of tea that is being made, I guess one batch got past him.

I was also informed by my son that he was the same man that gave him a hard time for using the FREE WIFI out front. I have never known a manager/owner that's spends more time harassing customers than overseeing the daily duties of running his business, if he did I probably would have been a satisfied customer. Since the incident I have not returned to that McDonalds ran by a racist, I wonder how he is as a boss. Knowing his staff is predominately Hispanic would be interesting to get feedback from them. The day after the incident I went back to get info on the person. His name is Michael Osborne

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Why do you pull the race card? He might be equally mean to everyone.


I was going to agree with your post until you pulled the race card. I don't see how anyone was racist.

That ruined your whole review. Think things through next time before you cry racism without reason.


I can see how some of the details in the OP's complaint would annoy others. However, this owner/manager, whoever he is, does not sound like someone I would personally want to deal with.

This person saw someone entering his store with a cup and ASSumed they were going to attempt to get a free refill, when actually they could be someone who simply got the wrong drink and were returning it for the right one. When the customer explained what they were doing, that should have been the end of it.

First Born Triplet

Your review was good, but playing the race card ruined it. However Mcdonalds has free refill so you did nothing wrong. You do realize that if this is not a race issue he could sue you right?


Sure play whatever race card you are, along with the ex-military card too. In a way you exacerbated the situation by starting to argue with the man.

There are times that it pays to be smart enough to pretend you don't hear some comments. Furthermore I find it hard to believe that the manager and other employees were standing outside the door where customers enter and leave. If they were outside smoking, I'm sure they would have been by the back door.

Why in heaven's name would you go to any McDonald's every day, let alone 2-3 times a day. Don't you know how to cook and make your own sweet tea?

First Born Triplet

I think the ex military thing was not to brag about working in the military but more to show she has been all over the world and this is the first time she got treated badly, I agree she was treated badly but I disagree with her playing the race card. If this happened over a year ago I wonder why she is complaining about it now?


All of this over a tea. And just how was this racist or cruel or stalking?

Seriously? Mr. World Traveler can't recognize the difference between someone who probably had a bad day and a stalker who is racist and cruel. There was no battery - you are probably thinking of "Assault" which can include verbal abuse or threats.

He didn't do that either. You just need something to whine about.