Norfolk, Virginia

I went through the drive through in the pouring rain and waited for a voice to respond but after about 3 minutes of waiting i decided just to go inside so the inside of my car doesn't get any more wet. When i got in i noticed there was clearly a new girl working.

I waited about 5 minutes intil i was able to order. I usualy don't mind new workers but this girl just didn't care she was laughing and had a big smile on her face as she screwed everything up. This kinda pissed me off. By the time i ordered i was a little upset.

When i got my meal which was two peoples meals i noticed the bag was wet. As i got back to my car i realized the rain had slowed down alot. i got in the car and the bag tore on the side and on the bottom so i had to basicly hold it all together as i drove home. (it was a very full bag) when i got home the french fries were horrible they didn't give me the sauce i wanted and didn't even listen to what i wanted on the burger.

the burger box was also soggy and the burger wasn't good. It made me veryy up set but i didn't let it ruin my day. instead i thought i would just let it all out here. Something needs to be done about this mcdonalds.

I live in Norfolk VA btw. Its the mcdonalds on Gramby street.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds French Fries.

Monetary Loss: $17.

  • ruining
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Well, it is Norfolk, what were you expecting?


call in and complain about *** and that poor new girl will get herself a private meeting in the back with some *** of a manager where she will be yelled at for a small mistake


So a NEW employee and McDonalds messed up your order? You should sue for pain and suffering I guess.

I'm sure you never had a bad day starting a new job. If you really want to whine about it call the manager the next day and they will probably give you free food and an apoligy, will that make you feel better?

You should try the other side of the fast food counter and see the kind of *** you have to put up with. If this upset I'm sure an 8 hour shift for you would end in tears.