Edmore, Michigan

I went to McDonald's (St. Johns, Michigan) the other day and went through the drive-thru.

As I sat and waited for the person in front of me, I noticed the guy in front of me was getting angry and he started to swear because the order taker forgot a McChicken. I didn't think anything of it. So we move forward and I order my food (which the order taker was surprisingly very nice, even after the *** in front of me). We get to the paying window, the guy in front of me was still yelling and the manger was called up.

After his issue was addressed, I get to the paying window, where the cashier had a big smile on her face as if nothing had happened. After that I realized, costumers who complain are obviously changing the story so they look like the victim. The people working at almost every McDonald's I have ever been too are nice and friendly, they are only rude when costumers are being rude to them. Which even that rude isn't really rude.

People need to stop complaining, be nice and the employees will be equally as nice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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She may have been smiling at the thought of the big loogey now in the guys burger or the fact that the line cook took the guys burger and ran it between his butt cheeks lol. You don't mess with the people preparing your food.