Cleveland, Ohio

hello i purchased 2 angus burgers from tower city cleveland however i didnt check the quality of my burger which usually i do but was time sensitve when i arrived at my office which takes 5 minutes to get to walking in tower city when i opened my sandwiches they were both burned dried and hard i didnt take it back down because time was not available didnt want to lose my career over a dried out burger pls check your food dont accept anything please i would like to receive a coupon for another angus burger for inconveince that would be great

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

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so ud can call someone inbred trash (an insult to a big diggre sept if ur amish..then being inbred is ok! its there custom) but then u wont cuss....

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april 2011 soflorida. mcd just tried to rip me off for 719 for their angus bgr delux..why on earth would i pay that much when i can go to the best diner arund for a chbrg delux toasted bun and quality?????


I am so sorry you had a bad burger. However we will not send you a coupon without proof.

However, we will send you a free box of tissues to wipe your tears away.

And, we will send you a twix bar to chew over your sadness with. Ba da, ba, ba ba, I'm Loving it.


Wow... Just wow.

Who's the worthless piece of trash here? Stop griping on every single complaint just because you think it has no point, if you still think that then don't call people inbreds!

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