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I am not one for too much complaining unless it is about my food. I have on numerous times been to fast food establishments for the same thing.

MY FOOD!!!!! When I take the time and MY money to go somewhere to eat I expect to get what I order. Why is it every time McDonalds just doesn't get it right????? On April 18, 2012 at 8:45 p.m.

I go through drive-thru order 2 cheeseburger Happy Meals with ONLY ketchup a 10 pc chicken nuggets and a large fry. I get home and the food is once again COLD....... my cheeseburgers come with everything but ketchup. The only thing that was correct on my order were the drinks.

I mean come on I work hard for my money and when I go somewhere to eat I expect QUALITY. McDonalds or not I want great food, fresh food and great service. So I call McDonalds on 26990 Grand River Redford, Mi an employee answers I explain the issue to her she says would you like to speak to a manager? I said yes please, she puts me on hold for 7 minutes then they hang up the phone.

The manager never came and picked up. So I call back the phone then rings and rings and rings. I call again and it rings and rings and rings. I call again for the 3rd time and once again it rings and rings and rings.

No answering machine for me to leave a message or anything. So my question is to CORPORATE You allow people like this to run your establishments? Not even professional. And my complaint about my food was not even important enough to them.

I have my receipt and I want my money back. If that was my restaurant those employees would NO LONGER WORK there. I will never go back there to eat.

They need to have the correct training with the public. Very sad.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

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Fresh food and Mcdonald's don't belong in the same sentence. If you want quality stop eating fast food.

You get what you pay for. And as others have stated it would be wise to check your order before you leave if you know they have issues getting it right. You are clearly as slow as the people who don't care to get your order right.

But if it were me, and I saw you coming, I'd get it wrong on purpose. :)


Lmao Thanks For Your Concern You Guys Have A Blessed One Muuuuaaaahhhh :grin


So this is not the first time that you have had a problem wt Mcdonalds with wrong food order. Come on even a six year old would figure out that if you have this many problems to check the order. Maybe one day it will click in to your adult world. My guess is the food was cold because it took you a while to get home. Food tends to do that. Something taught in third grade science. Also I take it that you bought the food for yourself and you are too fat and lazy to take a few seconds to check the order yourself.

To get your money back you would have to go to the restaurant yourself. Come on I am sure you will lose a few pounds getting off the couch and driving back to the restaurant.

If you fired people for one mistake you would be sued. People make mistakes. I am sure even you make mistakes. Were you fired for your mistakes. No because unlike you people are reasonable and understand that human beings make mistakes.


the reason they didn't asnwer you is because they want to keep ur jthe ob, and you are worthless to them other than ur dollars. Mcdonalds is a industry destroying america and are angered by them? sounds like a perfect time to boycot and get America moving in the right way, away from fast food and learn that we as a people and our econemy would benifite from extermination of fast food.


Why keep going back?????????? Eat at home as hollins1 stated.

It has got to be healthier than McDonalds. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


Why keep going back?????????? Eat at home as hollins1 stated.

It has got to be healthier than McDonalds. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.




calm down, *** just because they didn't answer your b**chy call doesn't mean they should be fired. for all you know, they were packed.

if I were you, I would have gone back and demanded better food. you would have had to gone back for remade food or a refund anyway, ***.