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Today I tried to use the gift card that I got some time ago. The card wouldn't read, but I know there is money on the card....you can call the number on the card and put in the card number and the card does in fact have money on it.

However, the card is damaged somehow and will not read - the idiots at the McDonald's in Waxahachie, TX tried to scan the card no less than thirty times. Honestly, I waited a good ten minutes - all the time asking them sweetly to please just type in the number....their response? "They can only scan gift cards...sorry" In that amount of time, they could have called the back of the card themselves and issued the credit to me!!! The card clearly says on the back that it does not expire and that no fees will be charged.

The manager told me to call the number on the back to get a new card....so I called the number on the back of the card only to be told to call a DIFFERENT number. So, I try to call this new and different number twice only to discover that the number doesn't work. So, basically, I have an "arch card" that has money on it that I can't access in spite of the fact that McDonald's computer system says that I have a balance on....all because the folks working at McDonalds don't know how to override a computer and type in a *** code. Or - issue me another card and allow me to use it.

Yeah, McDonalds sucks. I hate it.

They have the worst customer service of any chain restaurant - hands down.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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I don't work at McDonald's but I work at a chain simular to that. We have no way of "typing in a number". We can only scan it.


Same EXACT thing happened to me this morning at the Big Bear Lake, CA location. Rude and arrogant manager told me "sorry sir, the card doesnt work" but was tooooo frickin lazy to actually punch in the numbers on the card or call the number.


Listen. Customer service does not kill.

Its the foods and drinks they are making. The sooner we americans realize this the better.

I use to get mad at sheetz for throwing matches at me.

How *** was that? I was smoking.


I used about $5 on a card then suddenly the balance was used up. Charges I never put on it were there.

McDonalds was no help. If this is what happens with a prepaid card I would be very wary of using a credit it debit card.


I worked crew at a McDonal'ds for a year and half and crew do not have the ability to manually ring in cards. Try not bringing in a damged one? idiots...


Wow! What a great idea? Lets give a bunch of teenage,low paid,over worked employees the ability to "over-ride" the total on a gift card!!!

You.... really don't see where this could be a problem? Really? I can tell you for a fact that they trust most employees as far as they can throw them. (some for good reason, mostly it's just a policy thing) When I worked there YEARS ago (27 days I'll never get back), you couldn't even ring up food for your own family or close friends as the were afraid you might "throw in an extra burger" or "forget to charge them" something. Even our own food (free at the time) had to be rung up by a manager.

I've never atually asked about this specificly seeing as how I've never used an Arch card.I would guess it's against policy just from a corprate stop-loss standpoint. If they WERE allowed to do that, could you see all the people that would be scamming the heck out of them? Bad idea.


They can't manually override and enter them in dummie