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Ok i went the mcdonalds in pleasant hill iowa and ordered to chicken sandwiches one crispy deluxe one spicy deluxe both meals ordered to be fresh so i paid and pulled forward i got my food it was not fresh so the kid in the window asked "the two crispys ok pull forward and they will make it fresh" so i pulled forward then at the time i pulled forward i also realized i had no crispy deluxe non spicy as well and about that time the young gal came out and asked for the sandwiches and that is when i said i am also missing a sandwich than she proceeded to argue and say i was lieing so i gave her both the bags out my window and she looked in them and said its not in there so then they went back in and i continued to wait then they came back out and gave me a crispy spicy no deluxe so at this point i feel they were either playing a game or what so i went inside and said this still isnt right so they proceeded to argue with me while laughing (about 10 of them) there was a black male that was in street clothes as well as a few others so at that point i asked for the gms name an i was going to leave but they wouldnt give it to me then a young gal told me sophia and than laughed so i knew that was a lie so at that point i was irate i walked out got in the car then my gf went it said you have my reciept i want my money back wich they ended up doing and i went home eating cold french fries and that was it so i was still a little upset so i tried calling to get the gms name and i recorded the convo and when they amswered i asked for her name and she told me i think something ruth and a maybe 5 digit number and then i asked who am i speaking with than they hung up so i called back then a male answered and i could tell by when the dude in the lobby talked to me it was him on the phone he said hello i said hello who is this and then he hung up so at that point i just gave up but it was absolutely the worst service i have EVER experienced.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Cons: How the manager solve the issues.

Location: 1055 Sherrylynn Boulevard, Pleasant Hill, IA 50327

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