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I received a coupon book in the mail and so I decided to visit a McDonald's while in Lake Oconee. When I got to the counter there was nobody there.

Several employees were sitting at a nearby table. A manager came over, the manager's name was Tabitha. I held out my coupon and told her what I wanted to order. She looked irritated and told me that I could not use the coupon because of some rule associated with it.

So I opened up the coupon book and started to tear out another coupon. She sighed very loudly and asked the person behind me what they would like to order. So I said to her "can you just wait a few seconds, I am just trying to rip out a different coupon." She sighed heavily again and yelled over to the table of employees for someone to come help. She then walked away and started doing something else and the new person who had walked over took my order.

The whole encounter was extremely embarrassing. It is embarrassing enough to be using a coupon but then to have a manager make a scene out of it was beyond embarrassing. There were two registers at the counter. If Tabith was in such a hurry then why did she not ask the other employee to help the person behind me at the other register.

A week prior to the incident I used two of the coupons from the book at a McDonald's in Gwinnett County.

It was a pleasant experience. Needless to say my most recent experience was so disappointing that I will think twice before I visit a McDonald's again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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McDonald's is a pretty responsible compnay. Send a nicely-worded complaint to corporate with a request that someone contact you by phone. I suspect the local franchise owner needs to know about this employee(Tabitha).

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