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This morning around 6:20am l pulled into the drive through at Paris Ave South & 4th St South, in St. Petersburg Florida the line was backed up so when the car ahead of me pulled off l moved up to the speaker .

l said hello can l have a #2 with a coke please , no reply for about two minutes . The person said pull up to the next window , l said they already pulled off l am a new customer .. She said well you ordered when l wasnt ready so pull up ! In a nasty tone of voice , l told her that wasnt the way to talk to a customer and she was rude and argumentative .

She also said in a threatening manner , are you sure you still want to order from me !? After she said that l lost my appetite and left ..

She has no customer service skills and should be retrained before she disrespects someone else .. With that said l will not ever spend my money there anymore ..

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Sounds like a model employee for us. Ronald, sorry to say buddy, but we're taking her.

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