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My husband is a truck driver so he called me and Explained everything. He went there to order the 2 Fish sandwich’s for $5.00 he advised the customers service registers person what he wanted and told him they are on sale 2 for $5.00 the guy at the register stated no they are not on sale my husband told him turn around and look at your Billboard the guy told my husband Sir., they are not on sale and if they were I have no idea how to ring them up . Mind you there is a line by now my husband told him to go and get a manager and the guy came back to the register told my husband the manager said they are not on SALE !! What a mess !! Finally the guy looked at the Billboard And yes okay they are on sale so he went back to another manager or team lead and they came and rang it 2 for $5.00 my husband said nobody showed this poor guy how to ring it up no wonder he doesn’t know anything!! How can someone work the register and not know what is in sale or not knowing how to ring up an order. I want my money back and apology letter.

Sylvia Perez

10800 State Hwy 151

Apt 915

San Antonio Texas 78251


Sending a copy of the receipt

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I am particulary fond of Filet O'Fish Sandwiches. I like to get two of the Double Filet O'Fish Sandwiches and A Super-Sized order of fries and a Super-Sized Coke with it.

I think that McDonald's should bring back the Super-Sized Fries and Drinks that they used to have. I always ordered all of my meals Super-Sized.


Did your husband eat the sandwiches? You can't have your money back if you consumed the food.

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