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I used to work in the McDonald's located in Route 17 North Paramus , store7454 as a cashier and only as a part time because I go to nurse school and have one child. A few weeks ago a customer complain by email to the owner about a nasty attitude and inappropriate customer service from an employee, so the owner got mad and ordered to fire the employee. For a few weeks they did not put me in the schedule with the excuse that was slow and they had a lot of employees. Tired of the situation I went to talk to Fabiola P, the Store Manager and she told me about the complain and fired me because the register was under my name, so I ask her the time of the incident and at that time I was on break and the one person using my register was another manager call Marlene Z. The store manager checked the hours in the computer and saw that I was on break at the time of the complain but she did not care about it and fired me, to cover up her friend. I had work for that company since 2011 as a full time at the beginning , and then left for maternity leave and come back as a part time.

They know that I have a Child, they know that I go to school, they know that I need the job, and most important: they know that I was on break at time of the complain but they just don't care.

I went to the unemployment office but they call Fabiola P, the Store Manager to verify the reason of my unemployment and she lie and said that I was fired for insubordination.

I am telling you the story because if you are customer of this Mcdonlad's please beware of the kind of people who are in charge and please if they ever miss treat you or disrespect you, please complain to the corporation and always ask for the name of the employee so this people can not cover up, and lie in order to protect their jobs.

Thank you!

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Orange, California, United States #934267

I guess it is quite easy to get accepted into nursing school. I thought they required at least a high school diploma and judging from your grammar you have not made it past the first grade.

It does not matter when the complaint was made, the customer could have given an estimated time, the problem is the customer was complaining about you. It does not matter how badly you need the job, and the fact that you mention that you have a child and really need the job makes me wonder if you thought you could play the victim card and keep your job even though you were rude to a customer. If this was a one time thing they would not fire you. I doubt this is your first complaint, there are things you are not telling us.

Frankly I am glad you got fired, hopefully this will keep you from becoming a nurse, because frankly it could be dangerous for a nurse with terrible grammar to dish out medication. It could be deadly.

I wonder who is really lying, the fact that you are purposely leaving things out makes me doubt your story even more. If it was one complaint they would overlook it thinking it was just a difficult customer, however I doubt this is the first time that you had a complaint.

to KevinRichards #934273

Actually they did not fire me for the customer complaint, they claimed they fired me for insubordination, I think it was because I called in and told them that I could not make two times because on one time i had to like study for an exam, and thaty said that was okay, but the toher time the manager was being a total *** and when i told them i was going to my friends party and it was a last minute invite she told me i had to come in to work, i told her no, and another time she told me to clean the tables and i told her no because that is not my job, and i refused to do something that is not my job and told her to do it herself if she wants it done, adn another time i wanted to go on break and she told me to wait 15 minutes and i told her i will not because i want to go on break with a friend, she siad that we should not go together that she needs help at the register, i told ehr do it herself because i am going on break and went on my break. I was not even fired for the customer complaint it was for standing up for myself.

to Anonymous Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #934274

That what you described is exactly what insubordination is. Yeah if you have an exam to study for they may give you the day off, but for a party.

You refused to come in because you would rather go to a party. You wanted to go on break when your friend went. if everyone went on break at the same time who would serve the customer?

Also you work as a team, so you wipe the tables if asked to. All those examples that you gave us is what insubordination is.

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #929222

Aloha All...

I recently visited store#34229(McHawaii)...My emotion after leaving this location is exactly why I need to post my comments on this website. Apparently, it is a policy among the employees/Mgmt.that filet fish is not served after 12:00 am.Then why as I presented my concern to Jessica (MGR)did your cashier ask me what kind of drink did I want with my filet of fish combo...& then confirm my order, only later to come back & relay said information.

Which now has caused me an inconveience,because now I have to ride through the drive-thru with everyone else without the order I wanted,and it was too late to back out.Jessica did not defuse situation. There was no offer of inconveience. It seems that not only do the work floor employees need training,but Management as well. Heads up Managment Team...Never ask an irate customer "What can I do for you"...Managers should all ready be trained how to handle customers...

Here in Hawaii...

You need to be trained to "OFFER" some kind of compensation for their inconveience. Especially when its not conveient for them to return to return to your store soon.



You are going to nursing school with that grammar? Please take a english class first because if you write your assigments in this fashion you will surely fail.

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