Smyrna, Georgia
Not resolved

Extremely bad service unclogged chicken which was fed to a 2 1/2 year-old baby who is now sick as well as my fiancé nobody will do anything about this the service at your store number 36363 is the most unprofessional rudest and worst experience I have ever experienced in my entire life I think I’m going to call the health department right now because something needs to be done about this this is making people sick and you guys have done nothing to resolve this issue and I have not been able to speak to a live person at all

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That's your fault for feeding your 2-year-old Frakenfood. Stop being a terrible parent, and actually cook for your little one. Instead of blaming your own laziness on a company that already has enough issues.


When I was little my favorite breakfast cereal was "Frankenberry". I loved the way that it would leave the milk strawberry flavored after I would eat it, and I loved drinking it afterwards.

I used to also love eating hot dogs and sausage until the day that i read a book that told about how they are made. Someone who worked in one of the hot dog factories said that when no one was looking that sometimes they would toss unmentionable parts of the pigs into the hot dog and sausage grinders and that it was then ground up and there was no way to know about it.


Just like when they j.i.z.z. into the special sauce there is no way to prove that they did it once it is stirred around. Then everybody who gets some on their sandwich is eating a little bit of it.