Tallahassee, Florida

when I went through the drive thru I place my order and I ordered fish bites I asked the girl that gave me my food if there was tartar sauce in my back, and she asked the guy that put the food in the bag if he did, an he told the female attendant yes. Then the girl reassured me that there was tartar sauce in my bag, but when I arrived home my fries were cold, they we're hard like potato chips, and there was no tartar sauce in my bag at all! I called the store and the manager asked if I was close and when I said no he told me he was sorry and nothing else!

Monetary Loss: $12.

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for some reason when i go to a mcdonalds in my hometown ..all the employees forget the difference between sweet and unsweet tea and ice and no ice...and forget how to be friendly..seriuosly everytime..really people come on..

to rocky Vincennes, Indiana, United States #610570

and for some *** reason, i keep going back..hoping they will change

Talent, Oregon, United States #610543

Fish bites? YUCH!!!!!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #610540

When ordering take out, check the purchase while still at the drive up window or at the register. If it isn't satisfactory they will correct it at that time.

Being you didn't live close enough to go back to the restaurant, it is your fault that your fries were cold when you got home.

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