N56w15475 Silver Spring Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051, USA
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On 2/9/19 at 6:48pm we made a stop to the Mcdonalds on N56 W15475 Silver Spring Rd., Menomenee Falls, WI 53051. There were no cars in drive thru besides my car and the one before mine.

Upon ordering, we had to wait for our order. The wait wasn’t the issue. We’re happy to wait for quality food;however, upon receiving our order, part of our order was missing. In informing them of the forgotten orders, there were no apologies for the inconvenience. Just a blanket non chalant response that we said we’re missing our two orders of fries.

Upon arriving home, we found our hash browns stuck two a piece together, soggy, and extremely greasier than usual.

This is unacceptable for having to wait for our food and for it to be a non busy period of the day. We could have just gone to the frozen food aisle at the grocery store to pick up hash browns to cook and it would have been better and cheaper!

On top of that, this is the first time I’ve ever seen employees not dress in uniform and in casual clothes while on duty.

Just not a good experience overall. We’re not expecting perfection, but effort and quality. We’ve had better experiences at other locations. This one was horrible!

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Correct, you should cook at home. Better in all ways.

to Anonymous #1643887

McDonalds and Greyhound go together like a key in a lock, a foot in a sock, a hand in a glove

to Anonymous #1643963

Even cold Bologna and Cheese sandwiches at home would be better in all ways.

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