West Palm Beach, Florida
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I usually work late nights for my company so grabbing a quick meal at this particular location is convenient. My coworker and I placed our order, paid at first window and went to pickup window.

The young lady giving us our order first gave us the bag in which the sandwiches were made incorrect and contained small fries. I handed the bag back. There was a manager who couldn't bee seen at time yelling at the girl in the window expressing the order was right . Then we were told we didn't get drinks with our meals in which of course I told her I had my receipt.

The manager who was yelling in the background came to window. snatched the receipt from my hand. When asked the managers name (and note , was not wearing a name tag) she stated she didn't have to tell me her name. Then the manager ignored my request as I asked again and she walked away.

I got her name from the girl working the window. I must say that that was a lousy customer experience and will gladly drive out of my way to go somewhere different.

Very highly dissatisfied !!! Herte, if the name is spelled correctly is the mystery managers name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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Before you go around calling someone old enough to work a "girl" learn how to spell, it is be not bee. The manager did not have to tell you her name, you have no right calling people girls when you behaved like a two year old. After your behavior I wonder if you stole the car you were driving because clearly you are not old enough to drive if you are the age you acted.

to Anonymous #839417

This obviously is someone affiliated with the location to get such an offended response. If my spelling "bee" is the only thing you have leverage on well then I really feel for you anonymous.

It very clear that you have a direct problem with me then we can further discuss the problem you have with Sandra your store manager and Kathryn Dielh at your corporate office. This will be further reprimanded if you would like to continue to make further insults. Stealing a car?

Really? lol

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