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The McDonald's at 1005 Eau Gallie Causeway, Melbourne,FL. 32937.

Has such poor service.One of the Managers William Taylor yells at customers. Managers also sleep with each other that is against policy rules. I've seen him spit in people food and treat customers so badly. Ive ordered food so many times from there and they mess everything up.

I even got a Big Mac with tartar sauce on it. Expired meat in freezer and they will still serve it. Store smells like *** Jesus the main owner doesn't care about the store and drugs have been sold inside lobby.

This store should be shut down. Major health code violations.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Manager.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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West Columbia, South Carolina, United States #801853

>claims they see people spitting in food

>says they have gone there several times after that


to Anonymous Vincennes, Indiana, United States #817135



I call BS on this too. You state you have seen the manager spit in peoples' food, yet you keep going there.

Sumerco, West Virginia, United States #773688

I call BS on this one. This is probably from some disgruntled employee or someone who was fired.

Come on sleeping with each other and spitting in people's food. If the Op really saw this they would not continue returning.


I agree with the previous post. My first thought was, hmmmm wonder how they know so much about this place? If you really were mad about this place, you would actually say something rather than post things on here unless you are worried about getting fired from this place.


You are making an awful lot of accusations that you can't prove. Where is it said that one manager can't have a relationship with another manager.

I have known owners of businesses that are married to one of the employees. I even know of one fast food place where the district manager, over restaurants in several towns, has his wife rotating from restaurant to restaurant, usually in a management position whenever one of the restaurants is short of help. You are the only person that I have every heard complain about things like that. There is no way you can prove the managers sleep with each other.

I also know you haven't seen him spit in customer's food. There is no way he would do that where anybody could see it. How does he treat customers badly? Did it ever occur to you that maybe you think he is yelling at customers because he just plain has a lot voice?

If they keep messing your orders up, why do you keep going back? Could it be that you are a glutton for punishment? Exactly how do you know there is outdated meat in the freezer? Outdated foods are good for a certain amount of time, and especially in the freezer.

Do you honestly believe drugs are being sold in the lobby, and nobody that sees it reports it to the authorities. Apparently you aren't aware that health inspectors go to any business that handles food on a regular basis and do routine inspections and if a certain score isn't reached they are given a deadline to correct the problem.

Now tell us the reason you got fired from this McDonald's. You also had better have definite proof of all these accusations or you could end up finding yourself in court.

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