McDonald's has aired a radio commercial stating that eating their chicken nuggets is more safe than petting a Pit Bull.This commercial angers me b/c I have been in pit bull rescue for years and this is doing nothing but crippling what me and countless others have worked for.

It's a shame when large chains show no regard or social responsiblity. This add needs to be pulled! It is completely ignorant!! No more nuggets for my bully!

I am officially boyocotting any products your McDonald's and so is my family.

I am encouraging everyone too.Their food is more likely to bring you to a slow painful death than a pitbull is any day.

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while I appreciate why that offends you I think maybe you're being a little too touchy about it it's meant to be a joke... and really mission accomplished it got you to thinking about the chicken nuggets


To the people saying they eat McDonald's and are under weight.1.

Weight and health are totally different things. 2. shaverjr, what McDonald's did was slander to pitbulls as not all pitbulls are bad dogs. If for instance, one Canadian was mean to you, would you just assume they were all bad?

And I still am not reading anything slanderous from this complaint. Only some facts, and also some opinions.

And, for YOUR info, I have worked for a shelter for 10 years, see all sorts of dogs come in and out, and none are more sweet as a breed than pitbulls.And they are usually the ones most mistreated.

to Casey Austin, Texas, United States #547726

omg they didnt mention all pits they spoke of a certain kind "stray" pits not domesticated jesus get ur facts straight




Well I would have 2 cal this 1 ar tie.I could use examples of each of the comments / opinions.

Just yesterday I watched a news clip of a pitbull that bit the face of the interviewer. The news anchor was partially at fault. Just because a dog is wagging its tail doesn't mean they want u to put ur hand on the back of the neck n lean in 4 a kiss.

Also as far as mcdonalds food, I eat it once a week at least and I am underweight.Point is u have to be responsible for ur choices


stop the slander people!


that bull s**t i have never herd that brodcast and i am the son of an employee of mcdonalds as well as a constant customer and i have ate there food for 13 years and i have not gained a pound and your complaint is an insult and it angers me greatly and i happen to also be an informant for mcdonalds and they can charge you with slander if they choose to for something like this! and even if i had herd that brodcast i would agree with it cause i almost lost my hand to a pit bull while i was petting it cause it tried to *** me for no reason so i have to say eating any type of food is safer than petting a pit bull anytime!and for your info the pit bull belonged to the guy i was staying with a while back and he told me i could pet it!


Show me a pitbull that's a major contributor to obesity and maybe I'd believe them. Until they can do that they can stop dumping on animals that already get enough undeserved grief in an effort to distract people from how gross and unhealthy their food is.


And now The Ronald McDonald house, while a great organization, denied a house vist from a therapy dog BECAUSE IT WAS A PITBULL!!!! There i s a problem here! My boycott still stands!!!!


Good job *** you jyst lost a lot of customers!

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