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i went to thru ur drive thru earlier and order dinner for me and my wife. we ordered our food and a few secounds later had to repeat the order.well then we pulled up to the window and notice that the order was wrong.the order taker (Crystal) had made a mistake with the order.which was fine.but when we found this out at the secound window we was dealing with another girl named jessica.as my wife.went to explain to the girl what we had.now mind u was no probs until my wife had said in a normal manner that the order was not correct.and proceeded to tell her what the order was.Jessica speak to my wife in a disrespeatful manner and say's.WELL IT WAS NOT IN THE ORDER AND DON'T BE A SMART MOUTH.which my wife was not a smart mouth about it.was simply trying to tell jessica the order.no diff than anyone else would had.Now this is what i ordered and this is what i was charged for.ordered a # 3 with a meduim DP and a #12 with a large coke.now that does not sound to hard this is what i was charged for #12 withlarge coke a quater pounder with cheese and a med. dp.see the prob .does not look like she was at her station when taking the order.Any how i spoke to the night time manger EISHIA i belive was her name.she simply said she was not up there to no what was going on.And actied in a way as she did not care one way or the other.i eat at this store alot and do not like such attitude and bad service.this is reflecting that ur people at this location is not the right people to do the job.STORE10513.MY WIFE IS WRITING A ARTICLE TO THE NEWS PAPER ABOUT THE FOOD SERVICE IN THIS AREA.THIS STORE AND ITS PROBS WILL BE NOTED.hope u can get things on track and thank u for ur time.

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Jude Newcomb

Cruel but funny. Only Mcds could attract such diversity.


thank god your wife is going to write the letter to the newspaper...

Williamston, North Carolina, United States #152973


Dear Mr. Uneducated.

Sounds to me like you & your spouse have an attitude problem. An employee wouldn't act like that unless you were rude & had an attitude about the explanation of your incorrect order. also your statement, "WELL IT WAS NOT IN THE ORDER AND DON'T BE A SMART MOUTH.which my wife was not a smart mouth about it", doesn't even make sense considering you're not smart. Next time try being calm instead of jumping down the throats of someone who messed up an order.

Sincerely yours,

The Informer


Mike, glad you and the misses got out. Remember that mcds is our friend, they hooked us up for years while we played in their playgrounds and enjoyed their toys.

The kids who work there dont always deal with nice regular folks like you and the misses, sometimes some real jerks come through the place, they put up with a lot of ***. So next time it happens, cause it will, just laugh about it and remember that at mcds we get our grubb on at a very good price and the food is good. Remember that those kids could be out smoking and trying to steal your car but instead they are there taking your order and doing their best to get it right.

I was one of them a while back, the guys who kept it cool when we messed up always got hooked up the next time, thats the way it works. So keep going back and say thanks when they get it right.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #148676

If you are writing to the newspaper about this make sure you have someone proofread it for you otherwise you will make a fool of yourself. Also perhaps your wife was being rude.

You spell like a child so maybe your wife is a child like you and spoke rudely. Why should the manager do anything she did not witness what happened. She can't discipline somoene without witnessing anything. Would you like it if you were kept in for recess because one of your classmates lied to your teacher and the teacher took their word without talking to you.

No, same with the manager without witnessing what happened she can't really take action for all she knows you are lying and your wife was acting smart. Which if she spells like you she isn't

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