Palmerton, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

The womelsdorf McDonalds, I went to get to drinks, a mocca latte and a strawberry milkshake. The girl at taking the order in the drive thru was not listening.

I had to tell her several times what I wanted and twice what the size was, when she repeated the order it was the wrong size to. I then waited 7 minutes to get the drinks. There was only 3 cars in front of me. I pulled away and realized she gave me a berry chiller.

How can you mix that up???? I had to then park and walk into the store. This was VERY inconvenient, I was trying to get home in a timely manner. I shouldn't take 20 minutes to get 2 drinks.

If it wasn't for my husband I would have demanded my money back but he was looking forward to his drink. VERY UNHAPPY Kelley

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