Granite Falls, North Carolina

We purchased a Happy meal,#2,.everything came but the sandwich for #3,3 people recieved there meals ahead of us. My Husband said he was leaving.

I went up to the counter and told the young man My husband just left he said the sandwich was almost ready 3 more people recieved their meals before the meal was completed. When we got home there were no fries with the #2 meal, and we ordered oatmeal cookies and recieved sugar cookies. My husbamd says we will not go there anymore when you have to wait for everyone else to get their meal first. The young man that got our food together kept trying to get someone in the back to make the #3 sandwich.

It looked like the crew was more concerned with the drive-thru than the inside customers.Worst part is our 4yr. old Grandson was with us and he was very upset when we left cause he didn't get to eat at McDonald's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Sandwich.

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I have a Grandson too and I don't understand why he has to have McD's but we get it for him grudgingly. And we have never had a good experience, we ask for no salt on the fries which means they have to fry a fresh batch and not salt them until after they fill the order.

We ask for one bbq dipping sauce for the nuggets and they only give him ketchup which he does not want. On the up side I rarely have to pay for it since they always mess it up and keep me waiting and waiting...and you are right the drive thru is much more important than the customers that go inside.

But then the drive thru customers are getting sent home with cold fries or missing food and have to make a return visit. Those of us inside can take the time to check the bag because we don't have a line of cars waiting behind us.


Watch the movie Super Size Me. And you'll never put that garbage in your 4 year old offspring again.


It's McDonald's`, what do you expect, their a bunch of school kids having a party.

At McDonald's "ALWAYS" check your order before leaving.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #643072

It sounds like all three of you were babies. The people that got their meals ahead of you probably ordered things that were ready.

As far as not being satisfied with the food you got, you should have checked it at the store instead of waiting until you got home. If you had checked it at the store, they would have corrected it. Being you were taking your food home, whey didn't you go to the drive through. They do have to handle both the drive through and inside customers.

Also, when food comes up, it comes up in the order that it shows up on their computer. If somebody at drive through orders the same things, that somebody on the inside orders, as long as one of the orders is placed one minute ahead of the other, the first one gets the order. It is a matter of first come, first served. Even if people that came in later were getting their food, that means they didn't order the same things you did.

Your complaint doesn't make sense in a way, Your grandson might not have gotten to eat at McDonalds, but he still had McDonalds. Why do you have two different punctuation marks after you "sentences?"

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