Orlando, Florida

mcdonalds almost ALWAYS has bad service these days...what is wrong with the freaks that work there? I went to the mcdonalds on 12201 e colonial drive near woodbury rd and alafaya colonial...everytime I go there the service is bad...

I ordered like two things...the rude female at the cashier drive-thru said "a coke and salad." I said yes..she said nothing else. usually they say..ok need anything more? well your total is...this lazy disgusting *** said nothing and just sat there...I said hello? she said...yes? im like huh? I pull up...she was SO rude..had blonde hair and rudely snatched my card and acted mean rude etc...then I pulled up to the window where my order was sitting there for about 4 mins while I had to witness the idiots there talking loudly...and some *** was staring at me...they were dumb rude idiotic. finally some rude fat *** came grabbed the bag and rudely handed it to me...not saying anything just rudely handing it to me with a bad attitude...I mean these people are the WORST...as customers we have to endure negativity and abuse JUST to get something we ordered at a drive-thru? they can't just say...ok have a nice day or even be somewhat pleasant...they have to be abusive rude ***...

if I go here at night its the same nonsense..rude jerks and idiots always...I try to avoid it but mcdonalds has the best variety cheap and sometimes you just want something fast...but you have to go through the maggots that work there to get it...worse now you don't have to just deal with one rude *** at mcdonalds...with their *** drive-thru thing you have to deal with TWO jerks now...mcdonalds sucks..

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Cashier.

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The reason she was rude was because you were rude first, and I wonder with your grammar, spelling and behavior If you are even old enough to drive?


Did it occur to you, that you might be the problem? With an attitude like yours, why should you be treated better than you act towards the employees?

Even if you don't call them names in person, your attitude can come through in your tone of voice or the way you act. It sounds like like you have a "better than you" attitude. You might think you are nice, but there is coming through in your actions.

I can tell this with all the name calling you are doing in your complaint.

to anonymous #857283

I don't have an attitude you heinous creature..im a very nice and polite person and most mcd employees are very rude..the girl rolled her eyes at me and snatched my card from me..you need serious help and you need to get a life too you twisted reject..you live here and harass posters...why they don't ban you from this website and the planet is beyond me...get lost you lunatic. and name calling those who abuse others is OK..its JUSTIFIED but abusing random people isn't ok...get a brain you pathetic waste of space...

to anonisshlt #857376

Here we go again another person calling someone who is a woman a girl when they act like they themselves are 13 years old.

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