Yrs i contacted them many times. The store on 116th on illinois in carmel indiana i orderd 4 breakfast items 1 burrito..

2 egg sausage and cheese mc muffins and a steak egg and cheeae baggel with a round egg none of our items had eggs on the except of course the breakfast burrito and i went from the drive through jto the inside of the store. The maager was very rude and our food was cold and horrible looking she added almost 4 extra dollars to my ticket and still the food was not mc donalds quality..

No one has done nothing to help me and my wife was so upset she tbrough all the food away. Now i know mcdonalds do not opperate in this mannee but something needs to be done a refund or coupons or something needs to be done for us

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the food could have been given to the panhandler flying the sign on the corner.


Well if you were just going to waste the food, we're glad the eggs were missing.


Do not go back...... Problem solved... You're welcome...


Wrong. If your wife does not like fast food, she needs to learn to cook at home.

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