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Yesterday my son and I stopped at one of your McDonald's (#1750), for a late lunch. There might have been under 10 people in the whole store very quiet they were not busy.

We ordered two combo meals of buttermilk chicken fingers to eat in restaurant. We were told to sit down and wait for our food. It was taking a long time so I timed it and it took a total of 16 minutes to get our food. There was no apology or explanation of why it took so long.

It might have been not so disappointing after waiting so long it's a chicken tenders were good, but these were not. They were dried out, tough to chew and overcooked. I had the the tenders another time at a different McDonald's and they were juicy and tender and light brown, not dark brown. I would have come gone back up to talk to someone about it but we were already running late to an appointment because of waiting so long for our food, I didn't have time.

My 18 yr old son threw out 2 of his 6 chicken tenders because they were not good.

I usually don't write comments or letters to managers like this but the whole experience was so bad I thought somebody needed to know. I didn't even mention that the person waiting at the counter was rude to us to top it off. We stopped at McDonald's because we needed to eat something quick and get going to our appointment. This did not turn out to be fast at all.

I am including picture of the chicken tender so you can see for yourself that they were overcooked. That's why I'm sending you a receipt so you can see the details of our visit. Thank you and I hope this will help you improve your problems at that particular McDonald's.

This email above, was sent to one of your managers Ms. Edmonds May 16, 2018.

I have not heard one word back from her.

Was disappointed so thought I'd let you know that this McDonalds is run poorly and even the manager doesn't seem to care. Thought the headquarters would like to know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Chicken Nuggets.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

McDonalds Pros: Usually good place to eat for fast.

McDonalds Cons: Not fast.

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Those are some nasty chicken tenders.


Yep, It’s mcdonalds, not Ruth Chriss steak house.


You can't even spell!