Chicago, Illinois

All of the above have happened @ the store in Berwyn, Il. Every time I went their one of the above happens.

You used to be good, but not anymore, you lost a customer! The McDonald's I'm referring to is on Ogden Ave. in Berwyn. Food cold, short on the order, rude employees who don't understand what you want, and waiting in the parking lot while others are served behind you.

I have given this store more than enough opportunity to make an order correctly, but have never gotten satisfaction @ this location. I think your corporation has gotten too big for itself!

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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oh yeah juancarlosjr. BigBruce is a McDonald's employee yet he's from Pennsylvania.

and I'm not sure what you are but you sure aren't an English teacher because last time I checked, it's McDonald's.

not mac donalds. but by the way, they sometimes ask you to wait in the parking lot if your order is going to take longer than the others.


Big bruce, you are ignorant. suggest you go there and see the service for yourself, deal with the service they give you, then comment.

you are probably a mac donalds employee that works there. I dealt with them this past week and can understand the frustrations of the above individuals.

never comment , before experiencing. ignorance is bliss


"i was simply trying to get my point across to her" You are at McDonalds - not a political debate. No employee likes a *** "getting a point across". A simple "Excuse me" will do fine instead of ***.


I can relate to the above complaint. I have visited that mcdonalds location many times since i moved to kenilworth and 35th, and it is a mere 3 blocks from me.

I have given this location a lot of business and today is the last time i will ever go back there. The manager in the morning was very unprofessional and rude,even cursing at me , and when asked to tone things down i was told by her that it's the way she is and if i don't like it oh well. Now NEVER in my years as a consumer have i dealt with such ignorance and disregard for customer service. They got my order wrong (second time in the same week) and i was simply trying to get my point across to her.

Would not recommend ANYONE go there ever. WORST SERVICE, wait in the drive thru line for over 10 minutes only to get attitude and wrong orders. Be warned people, this establishment is ghetto and undeserving of any business. Remind these people that we give them business and as such deserve much more respect.

A manager cursing at a customer should NEVER happen!!! I hope others' who have dealt with similar situations will relate and also make a post to get the word out there and something permanently done about this ordeal.


Bruce, if this person does not know the difference between there and their do you really think they would think I got screwed three times maybe I should stop going? :cry


basically, what BigBruce said.


First - you do not know the different between their and there, which tells me that you are a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

Second - I would think that after the third or fourth time you thought your order was wrong that you would stop going. Obviously you keep going back.

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