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I had a very bad visit to you store in Fitchburg with no resolve to this point. On a thursday morning , one of my toughest days , I decided to stop at this Store and grab a coffee and a *** to eat.

5:15 am I pull up to the drive in and order, at 5:27 I am still sitting in the drive up window. so i go inside to find out whats going on because in 3 minutes im not going to make it to work ontime. I go into the store because i can see anyone from the drive up window. When i get into the store I ask if my order was ready...only to find out it wasnt even started.

So i ask nicelt may I have a refund because im going to be late for work if i wait any longer. A person comes from the back dressed in a black shirt that looks like he just woke op iff the floor. I am treated like i am doing something wrong and then wait while this person fumbles and cant seem to get me this refund, The people were as rude as iv ever seen and i left with no order and no refund. This was a real bad start to my day .

In my expierience this kind of thing starts from the top down.. when people just plain dont care then in most cases there boss is the same way..But I call back anyway and speak to the store manager. I tell him what happend, the whole time getting a responce of ok,ok,mhhmm,ok ,ok..Thanks for making me feel more like i did something wrong..He then tells me i can stop by for a refund, I ask him if he could mail it to my house because the gas I would spend to drive there would be more. He said he would mail it out that day....

its now june 12th and i have recieved nothing... Never a sorry about that... never an attempt to make this right...

I think that some places get so big they forget about the customer and only think about the all mighty $$$. well there are a 100 places to eat at these days and if this is the best a place like mcdonalds can do for me then i guess its time to switch to a place that will give me something for my hard earned $$ other.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Customer Care.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #879232

Here's a tip maybe you should wake up early for work so your not late and blame Mcdonalds

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #155603

With poor spelling and grammar that you have you obviously dont' have a well paying job and really needed the refund. Did you just wake off from the floor, is this why your spelling and grammar is so poor because you just woke up from the floor and are tired.


How can this McDonald's be on your way to work but NOT on your way home? Find it hard to believe that the gas will cost you more than the amount of your supposed refund.

Quit making up stories and get a real life. (BTW - you posted this on June 11 - so it's not quite June 12th as you say).

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