Washington, District Of Columbia
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While parked @ bus parking @ rest area off I95 X22 your Mcdonalds employe banged on m-home telling me that I was parked wrong/that HE was going to call police, which I told him to. Noe I have parked in these spots before I time had a State Police investigate accident while parked in the Bus parking space HE did not complain or tell Me that I should not have been parked in that space.

I think that this employee over stepped his boundry esp. since HE used 2 canes to move about in his official McDONALDS uniform.

Now I have scratches on the side of my M-home from the cane. This person needs to get a life, and do his job either a Mgr or else use his canes to poke down the garabge in the trash bins

Monetary Loss: $200.

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you were probably parked crooked and taking up 10 parking spots, especially with how crazy you sound.

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