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Since McDonald's is “having trouble processing my request”, I’ll go ahead and blast it all over Facebook

Regarding BEVERLY the store manager at the McDonald’s store on Pointe of Tampa Way

My boyfriend went to buy us some late night food since we haven’t eaten all day between errands. When he got to the window. He paid and noticed that he was charged for a double quarter pounder instead of chicken tenders (because apparently there were no tenders in stock). He told them that he didn’t want that and just give him 2 10pcs & a small fry. The manager stated that the chicken tenders were already dropped (which wasn’t supposed to be in stock) and she then gave us attitude. My boyfriend then told another worker that he wanted a refund because he didn’t feel comfortable with her making his food being that she had an attitude. The manager then got mad again, and only gave a refund of $16 when we paid $20 and gave back the change we were given. She then refused to give him the rest of his change and instructed him to leave. The manager finally gives the change, but THREW IT IN HIS FACE & said “fuck you *** At this point we are LIVID.

I arrived to the McDonalds and asked for the number to the regional manager. The workers then tell me that they don’t know their store number nor do they have the number to the regional manager, only the store manager had that information. The store manager had called the police and I stayed to tell them the full extent of the situation. The reporting officer DID NOTHING. He said that because they weren’t a police agency, he could not make McDonalds give me the information I asked for. Fine. He then tells me “just don’t go here anymore”. I LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. I’m not traveling farther for McDonalds!

So, I left, without the regional number and without the store number. I attempted to make a review on the store Facebook, but all of a sudden my request could not be processed. I will not let this go without her being fired! As a manager, you do not catch attitudes with customers, you don’t throw money, and you don’t say “fuck you *** and continue to talk trash and tell a customer you gonna beat his *** and then call the cops and go mute. You forgot the store has cameras!!

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You should be awarded a hundred thousand dollars for your ordeal.


Absolutely no one GAF!


Fake news

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