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My husband came thru the drive thru at 12:30am on 11/30/18 ordered 8 mcdoubles a lg mocha frappe and 2 lg fries.well he got no receipt we live within walking distance to mc donalds but he drove after ordering and sitting in the drive thru for 30 minutes then the employees gave our order to someone else he finally went inside he said they was very rude to him my frappe was only a medium and only half full so i called and told them about the situation and she said shes not replacing the order i asked for the managers name and the girl working hung up so not only was my order given away messed up but also cold and hard.... This is rediculous all i wanted was a fresh order instead of food that sat under a heat lamp to keep it warm..

And she refused higher authority above her... I have worked at mc donalds for a good while and all fast food restraunt chains strive for good customer service and that the customer is ALWAYS RIGHT...someone needs to call me asap...

Or i will be contacting you back at 7am... And i will let everyone that their service sucks ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Drive-through.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are very wrong OP. The customer is NOT always right.

Many times it’s caused by the customers lack of common sense. More often then not the customer acts like a child and throws a tantrum. What I find sickening about your post is you advocate your rights as a consumer ABOVE the rights of the employees. You are bald faced lying about ALWAYS making your previous customers happy.

No one from mcD is going to call you. You are a self entitled mouthbreather fighting your husband battles. YOU WERE NOT THERE!!!! You only have his word that events unfolded as HE described them.

The WE only have your version of what HE supposedly said to you. Do you see why your complaint is looked down upon yet? It’s PURE HEARSAY!! 99.999% of the time the customer is dead wrong.

That the customer ALWAYS wants more then is due to them. And people like YOU who were not there wanting more then they deserve. You don’t need a call, you need a civics lesson on how your actions both positive and negative unintentionally effects innocent peoples lives. I’m sure YOU trust your husband and believe every word out of his pie hole.

The reality is that unless he posts his experiences himself nothing YOU say he said has any weight. Either socially or legally.


Maple ave is just as bad we went threw on the way to work got 6 sausage mcmuffins. They were not toasted.

I called and asked when they stopped toasting them apparently problems with the machine she told me to bring in the receipt. I did that evening and the other manager said she could only replace 2.

They never get anything right even the coffee. Come on make sure you put in sweetener not sugar you all are going to kill diabetics with your simple *** mistakes

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