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Was in mcdonalds in the states and ordered ten big macs and this old guy put my big macs in a huge microwave and it exploded after it caught fire-why all the mcdonalds laughed. This fat guy at the counter looked at all the hamburger on the counter and ate some. Some blew in my face disgusting why did this happen I really enjoyed this experience my big macs went out with a bang some burger meat was hanging from the picture frames why was this happening and some was hanging from the walls juicy they should leave the burger meat hanging on the counter and walls so it would remind the customers how juicy it was the burgers

Product or Service Mentioned: Mcdonalds Big Mac Hamburger.

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Did you read this before you posted it? I guess not.

Because if you had, you would have realized it is not even slightly funny. Your grade as a troll is ***

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